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Royal Selangor Releases Limited Edition “Origins Captain America” Figurine 


Royal Selangor Releases Limited Edition “Origins Captain America” Figurine 

Captain America

The Captain America statue is also available in 24K gilt

Well, it is no secret that superhero movies have suddenly become so popular that it even feels like every other movie these days happens to be a superhero or comic book based movie. Whether this is a good thing or bad thing is entirely up to you, but we know it sells, and as a result, so does any merchandise related to it.

That is why Royal Selangor has introduced brand-new additions to its line of Marvel-themed collectibles this June, featuring fan-favourite Marvel Super Hero and resident goody two-shoes, Captain America. The Captain has been a popular character for years and now, he is a household name.

Steve’s Story

Captain America, whose real name is Steve Rogers, agrees to be a test subject for Operation: Rebirth after being assessed as too frail for active duty. The Super Soldier Serum then results in an extraordinary physical transformation. Despite his newfound strength, he never lost his heart. This is why he is so beloved.Captain America

Cells from the comic book by Roger Stern, John Byrne, Bob Sharen, Joe Rubinstein and Joe Rosen provide the contextual backdrop, recounting Captain America’s definitive origin story. This makes the figurine far more desirable and also adds a layer of fun as you can learn more about the character with this figurine as well.Captain America

Limited Edition Like ‘Cap’ Himself

The Royal Selangor Limited Edition Origins Captain America is a beautifully detailed pewter sculpture of the revitalised Steve astride on his motorcycle. Based in composite resin, the figure is limited to 800 individually numbered pieces worldwide. So if you wan’t one, you should hurry up.Captain America

A version of the figurine is also made in 24K gilt and it accentuates Steve’s impressively enhanced physique, whilst highlighting the detail in his iconic costume. The Limited Edition Origins Gilt Captain America is a limited edition of 200 individually numbered pieces. Captain America

The figurines are available for pre-order at Royal Selangor stores, authorised dealers, and online at the Official Royal Selangor Website from 16 June 2023 onwards.


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