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Royal Salute Drops First Ever NFT Expression

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Royal Salute Drops First Ever NFT Expression


This exclusive NFT will be available on BlockBar.com

When it comes to exceptionally aged Scotch Whisky, Royal Salute is one of the best in the game. Now the brand has announced a new NFT exclusive release called the Royal Salute 27 Year Old Single Cask Finish, in partnership with the world’s first direct-to-consumer luxury wines and spirits NFT marketplace, BlockBar.com.NFT

For those not in the know, BlockBar.com democratizes access to luxury wines and spirits while offering bottle owners storage, insurance and a marketplace to resell their bottles. Once you buy the limited-edition Royal Salute 27 Year Old Single Cask Finish, BlockBar holds the physical version along with a record of authenticity on the blockchain.

This marks the first ever BlockBar exclusive NFT release from Royal Salute and also showcases the Scotch’s innovative approach to blending whisky since the blend was finished in a single cask. The cask is a first fill sherry hogshead holding a rare Oloroso for 18 months before being filled with blended Scotch for 6 more years.

The Royal Salute 27 Year Old Single Cask Finish was also expertly developed by the brand’s Master Blender Sandy Hyslop to ensure that every sip of this blended Scotch Whisky would take your taste buds on a journey consisting of dark chocolate ganache, plums, ginger cake, dark toffee, Florentine biscuit and more.

Mathieu Deslandes, Royal Salute Global Marketing Director said, “While Royal Salute is steeped in history and heritage, as a brand we are always looking to the future, finding new ways to connect with those that are as passionate about whisky as we are, be it in the physical world or the metaverse.”Royal Salute

“Our partner, BlockBar, has allowed us to enter the digital space in an exciting and seamless way. After two successful NFT launches of singular flagons that were well received, it was a natural progression to release an expression exclusively on the BlockBar.com marketplace.” He added.Royal Salute

Visit the Official Royal Salute Website to find out more.


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