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Rimowa Brings Us A Twelve-Bottle Wine Case

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Rimowa Brings Us A Twelve-Bottle Wine Case


This bag is for the wine aficionados who need their drink on the go

Since 1898, Rimowa has been synonymous with creative designs made specially for only the most discerning of customers. The German Maison demonstrated their legendary expertise and focus on connoisseurs with the original one bottle case. Now the brand is one upping themselves with this twelve bottle case.Rimowa

The special edition bag is also made from Rimowa’s signature anodized grooved aluminium. The shell of the bag is also minimalist and complemented by high-gloss aluminium corners along with a black leather handle and tag for a somewhat monotonous but beautiful finish.

Rimowa is not just about looks though, as their approach to functional luxury is evident on the special edition twelve bottle case. We can immediately see that the bag perfectly blends expert craftsmanship with technical skills. This allows you to use the bag to not only transport your prized bottles, but also display them.

The padded cushion design on the Rimowa twelve bottle case which come in various thickness levels help wedge the necks of the bottles securely. This keeps most bottles in place depending on their size. The case was also built to fit the standard silhouette of most wine bottles and even slightly wider ones.Rimowa

Each case also comes with a support system to stabilize it while it is open. This system consists of two feet on either side that can be locked in place. On the inside, there are also two TSA Approved locks that secure your precious bottles of wine and other belongings in the microfiber interior.

Naturally, this special edition case will be limited to only a few units but then again, a gift this valuable to wine aficionados and design enthusiasts cannot be tainted by being common. No, something this exquisite needs to stay rare. The Rimowa Twelve Bottle Case Silver will be available online and in stores starting 24 November 2022.Rimowa

 Visit the Official Rimowa Website to find out more.


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