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Rimowa And Daniel Arsham Collaborate Again On “Eroded Turntable”

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Rimowa And Daniel Arsham Collaborate Again On “Eroded Turntable”


This second collaboration is sure to blow your socks off

The first time around when Daniel Arsham collaborated with Rimowa, the former was taken aback by how multifaceted the latter’s Pilot Case was. Now the duo are returning to collaborate on an all new take on this classic bag and bring us the all new, ultra fashionable, Eroded Turntable bag and it’s a masterpiece.Rimowa

Being favoured by airline staff as the pilot case could be stored neatly and comfortably into the space behind the pilot’s seats, the grooved aluminium case was also popular among musicians and DJs in the 90s. This, after all, was an era when equipment and records were still a big thing and the Pilot’s Case was spacious enough to carry all the necessary equipment.

It is this very history that forms the baseline for this all new collab between these two visionaries. Their combined efforts have given birth to this majestic artwork of a case you see in the pictures. Known as the Rimowa X Daniel Arsham Eroded Turntable in Pilot Case, it is presented as an archival piece.Arsham

This creative art piece by Rimowa and Arsham features a hand cast turntable made from plaster and crushed glass. It is very similar to Arsham’s exalted Future Relic series in which he imagines a whole host of everyday objects as discoveries by a future dystopia.

This is why both the sculpture and bag appear as if they had been dug up from an archaeological site. However, Rimowa took some precautions to ensure the safety and preservation of the Eroded Turntable by cushioning it in a removable protection foam complete with art handling gloves.Rimowa

Moreover, the Rimowa X Daniel Arsham Eroded Turntable in Pilot Case is available in black and silver with the silver version will be available online at arshameditions.shop and the black version in Rimowa stores across Asia including at the Mandarin Gallery in Singapore.bag

Check out the Official Rimowa Website to find out more.


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