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Razer’s Fintech Arm Rebrands As Fiuu, Aiming To Power Future Payments

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Razer’s Fintech Arm Rebrands As Fiuu, Aiming To Power Future Payments


Fiuu now has a new identity but is still committed to powering future payments

Razer Fintech, the financial technology arm of Razer Inc., together with its B2B payments unit, Razer Merchant Services (RMS), announced a dynamic rebranding initiative today. The company unveils a new single name, logo, and identity as Fiuu, signifying its ambitious plans to become a leading force in the future of digital payments.Fiuu

New Look, Same Mission

Fiuu, set to operate as a standalone subsidiary of Razer Inc. moving forward, aims to empower both the businesses and individuals by their evolving payment needs. This strategic move reflects the company’s commitment to providing innovative payment solutions to merchants worldwide.

Moreover, as part of this rebranding exercise, Lee Li Meng will be passing the helm to Eng Sheng Guan as Chief Executive Officer and will take on a new role as Executive Chairman of Fiuu, effective 1 March 2024.

Tried And Tested

Since its inception, Razer Fintech has established itself as a leading force in the digital payments industry in Southeast Asia, pioneering many new initiatives with the support of key merchants and scheme partners as we saw the industry evolve rapidly especially with the acceleration of digital payment needs.Fiuu

On top of that, as Fiuu, the brand remains committed to innovation and security, ensuring its offerings stay at the forefront of the digital payments landscape. With a user-centric approach and focus on advanced cutting-edge technology, Fiuu aims to deliver a seamless and intuitive payment experience that elevates the way transactions are conducted.

Future Planning

The new brand colors evoke a sense of speed and dynamism further emphasising their commitment to staying ahead of the curve. The name itself starting with “F,” reinforces focus on Fintech innovation. This cohesive brand identity signifies Fiuu’s evolution and readiness to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the future.Fiuu

By anticipating future trends and leveraging the latest advancements, Fiuu ensures its solutions meet the evolving needs of businesses and individuals in today’s fast-paced world. The rebranding of Fiuu represents a forward-thinking approach, which aims to revolutionize the way transactions are conducted, making every interaction with its solution an opportunity to elevate the payment experience.


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