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Puma Rewrites A Classic By Taking The Easy Rider From The Tracks To The Streets

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Puma Rewrites A Classic By Taking The Easy Rider From The Tracks To The Streets

Easy Rider

The Puma easy rider is back and in the spotlight once again

Puma’s Easy Rider is back in the spotlight, capturing attention once again with its iconic design and rich history. This retro running silhouette, a hallmark of a classic era in footwear, returns this season with renewed energy and modern flair. Rooted in the essence of running, the original Easy Rider has evolved, ready to be embraced by a new generation in 2024.Easy Rider

Going Back To The Start

Originally, the Easy Rider revolutionised the jogging craze of the 1970s with its innovative shock-absorbing outsole. This feature not only enhanced performance but also provided unparalleled comfort, making it a favourite among runners. As time went on, the Easy Rider transcended its athletic roots and was adopted by football casuals, becoming a staple of terrace culture and everyday street style.

In this new chapter, Puma introduces the Easy Rider Vintage, a reimagined version that stays true to its heritage while offering fresh, contemporary appeal. The Easy Rider Vintage comes in a range of clean, versatile colorways designed to suit everyday wear for everyone. Easy Rider

Fresh Materials

The materials include fine mesh and suede, paired with a contrasting white Formstrip. The new colour schemes, such as Archive Green, Royal Blue, and Puma Red, pay homage to the shoe’s classic lineage while adding a modern twist.

Additionally, the accompanying visuals for this release showcase the Easy Rider Vintage in a bustling modern cityscape, emphasising the theme that today’s streets are the new tracks and cities are the new fields. This urban backdrop reinforces the shoe’s versatility and timeless appeal in contemporary settings.Easy Rider

A Classic Rewritten

With the release of the Easy Rider Vintage, Puma launches its new “Rewrite the Classics” series. This initiative celebrates Puma’s iconic designs, revamping them for the present day. Inspired by the mantra “Forever Never Stays the Same,” this series will see the revival of other beloved Puma classics, including the Palermo and Suede XL, in the coming months.Puma

For fans and fashion enthusiasts in Malaysia, the new colourways of the Puma Easy Rider will be available starting 6 June 2024. They can be purchased online, Puma stores, and JD Sports, retailing at RM499. This release not only honours Puma’s rich history but also introduces a new era of classic style and innovative design.


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