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Perodua Year On Year January Sales Increase By 43.5 Percent

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Perodua Year On Year January Sales Increase By 43.5 Percent


Perodua continues to maximise its production and sales Perodua has seen a 43.5 percent increase in production and sales for the month of January 2023 to 21,449 units in a year on year comparison as opposed to 17,444 units in the first month of 2022 as our second national car brand continues to focus on maximising its production and delivery plan.Perodua

In terms of production, Perodua made 24,590 units in January this year, up 40.2 percent as compared to 17,538 units manufactured in January 2022. This comes after the brand has just unveiled its all new entry level car, the all new 2023 Perodua Axia and it looks like the brand will have another successful year in 2023.

Moreover, Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad said.“It is also important to note that for January last year (2022), there was a flood, a severe shortage of semiconductor chips supply, manpower issues and other parts shortages – which hindered production and sales.”

However, this did not slow Perodua down and Dato’ Sri Zainal confirmed this when he stated, “That being said, the improvements in volume for both production and sales indicate that the ecosystem is moving as planned.”

Dato’ Sri Zainal also remarked that Perodua remains committed to its goal of delivering all undelivered vehicles to the brand’s customers as quickly as it possibly can. The tricky part for the brand is to achieve this goal without compromising on quality or safety.Perodua

On top of that, in a separate event that was held on 31 January 2023, Dato’ Sri Zainal also shared that Perodua is aiming to register 314,000 units and produce 330,000 units for the entire year of 2023. Whether or not the brand can actually achieve this is questionable but with this success this early in the year, it looks likely.

Dato’ Sri Zainal also said, “Aside from focusing to deliver our outstanding orders, we will also be launching an All-New Perodua Axia soon to further excite the market. We believe the value proposition will be well accepted by Malaysians.”

Speaking of the soon-to-be launched all-new Perodua Axia, Dato’ Sri Zainal said that the company has converted nearly all of previous bookings of the current Axia model to the new one and it is not hard to see why. In addition to a new and arguably better look, the car has also improved in every way including size and technology.


Perodua President and CEO, Dato’ Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad

Dato’ Sri Zainal stated, “Our sales advisors have contacted our customers on the changes of the All-New Perodua Axia and most of our customers agreed to make the switch.”


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