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Perodua Automotive Ecosystem On Overdrive


Perodua Automotive Ecosystem On Overdrive


Perodua’s YTD production and sales maintains double-digit growth

While some speculated that 2023 would see the automotive industry slow down significantly, Perodua has, once again, gone against the grain and outperformed everyone. This was confirmed as the brand, its suppliers and dealers were all on overdrive this year enjoying massive growth.

Our second national carmaker, Perodua, saw a year-to-date (YTD) production increase of 32.95 percent to 51, 134 units from 38, 460 units last year, and sales increasing by 33 percent to 46, 385 units from 34, 865 vehicles for the first two months of the year compared to last year.

Moreover, Perodua attributed this increase to improved efficiency in terms of production, better financing facilities to Perodua dealers and greater communications both within the ecosystem as well as with Perodua customers for a more comprehensive overall production strategy.

Perodua President and CEO, Dato’ Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad, said, “While there are still ongoing challenges with the supply of semiconductor chips, cost increases – among others but despite these challenges, we managed to see double- digit growth in our production and sales, for this we thank our partners for their Dedication.”


“As a result, the average waiting period as of 28 February is now between 2.5 months and 8 months. Of course, this time frame is subject to the model, variant, and colour. That being said, we apologise to our customers and thank them for their patience. We will try to further improve our production and registrations in the months to come,” he added.

Dato’ Sri Zainal also stated that demand for Perodua vehicles has also remained healthy so far and Perodua is ramping up production to meet with that demand. He also expressed that Perodua will continue to improve its operations and within the ecosystem as well as delivery timing of its customers.

On top of that, Dato’ Sri Zainal also said that, moving forward, the outlook for the automotive industry and Perodua are positive given that the current economic situation remains stable. I think things will most likely remain stable since most of the shortages are somewhat improving anyway.

“The current focus now is labour stability, especially for the automotive suppliers to ensure that production can be improved. We also hope that the policy makers continue to engage with the ecosystem on future changes in policies that may impact the industry.” Dato’ Sri Zainal concluded.


As usual, I want to congratulate Perodua on being able to push through and overcome whatever potential struggles many foresaw and even ended up thriving in what should have been a bad situation. It looks like at least for Malaysia, 2023 is not the year that the automotive landscape slows down.

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