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Peres Projects Presents Panorama Featuring Works By Harm Gerdes

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Peres Projects Presents Panorama Featuring Works By Harm Gerdes

Harm Gerdes

Time to check out Harm Gerdes’ first solo exhibition 

Those of you with an interest in art will know Peres Projects, the art gallery based in Berlin. Starting this month, the company’s Seoul branch is presenting Panorama, Harm Gerdes’ (b. 1994 in Darmstadt, Germany) first solo exhibition. For art aficionados, the exhibition will showcase some really creative artwork in the heart of the South Korean capital from 16 February 2023 to 6 April 2023.


In this series of paintings, Gerdes invites you to explore a range of ideas via abstract symbols that ask you to look deep within yourself to understand what you see to reveal visually imaginative and mysterious worlds. Like psycho-spiritual panoramas, the artworks offer a wide-angled view into the inner workings of the artist’s mind.

Panorama also includes a few motifs from Gerdes which are non-representational, and their distinctive forms can sometimes even allude to objects found in the material world. This serves as a bridge between what goes on inside your mind and how it correlates to the real world.

In these works, we get to see Gerdes elaborates fascination for thresholds, archways and portals first hand through the use of the motif of the opening in order to test the logic of physical space on his canvases. It is thought-provoking artwork like this that will make panorama truly unforgettable.


Panorama also offers us a glimpse into how Gerdes perceives fields of view. That is to say that the artist adopts a structural approach to painting, he plays with an extreme flatness of surface by creating painted illusions of depth and dimension. This kind of art is especially hard to get right and is thus appreciated more.

On the other hand, the artwork displayed at panorama also makes a reference to the mathematical precision of 16th century visual art, or the illogical perspectives of metaphysical-surrealist pictures. Gerdes extends his work further to capture something of the virtual landscapes of the 21st century.

Panorama Harm Gerdes

Panorama is indeed going to captivate you as Gerdes handles his paintings like sculptural objects. Through the works in this series, he explores his interest in cloisonne, an ancient enameling technique used for decorating metalwork objects, in which colorful designs are held in place by thin metal strips.

All these diverse and unique artworks will ensure that nobody walks out of Panorama feeling the same as they walked in. The artwork from Gerdes will mesmerize you and evoke emotions you never thought you would feel looking at paintings and make you think long and hard about what you see and why you see it.

If this sounds exciting to you then visit the Official Peres Projects Website to find out more.


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