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Peddler’s Gin Launches New Salted Plum Flavored Gin

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Peddler’s Gin Launches New Salted Plum Flavored Gin


Peddler’s Gin launches this new flavour in Singapore

Shanghai based Gin company, Peddlers Gin company has just announced the launching of its newest innovative flavor, the Salted Plum Gin and we are feeling thirsty for a sip. The best part is, this new flavor is now just in time for the holidays too so the end of the year is now a lot more exciting.

Inspired by a classic sloe gin, Peddlers adds an East Asian twist to its classic gin by infusing it with a salted plum flavor. This flavor comes from the traditional Northern Chinese ‘Suan Mei Tang’ summer recipes. This gives a unique and delicious blend of East and West perfect for any occasion.

Moreover, the Peddler’s Salted Plum flavored Gin takes their original award-winning Shanghai Gin and infuses that with hawthorne and osmanthus for three months followed by a one month aging process in Spanish Oloroso sherry caskets  which is what gives the drink its rounded notes of vanilla and oak as well as its dry finish.Peddler's

On top of that, the Peddler’s Salted Plum flavored Gin draws inspiration from a summer drink with a rich history as ‘Suan Mei Tang’ is one of the oldest traditional beverages in China and Peddler’s used to go from street to street selling this thirst quenching fan favorite which is enjoyed all over the globe today.

Furthermore, the Peddler’s Salted Plum flavored Gin will be sold online in bottles of a 750ml volume and contains an ABV of 25 percent. What’s more, the top notes of salted plum, dates and mulberry gives the drink a richness and brings out the underlying flavors of hawthorne, liquorice and citrus and adds depth to the dry sherry notes for a more balanced finish.

Naturally, you can enjoy Peddler’s Salted Plum flavored Gin on its own either neat or on the rocks, although we recommend you have it on the rocks but the Peddler’s also suggests you enjoy this as a cocktail in highballs as a sloe gin soda. Alternatively, you could experience it in spritzers or in a negroni too.

With the holiday season just around the corner as well, there is no better time than now to stock up your bar or home with all the wonderful and unique flavours of your favorite drinks and even try out the new kid on the block, the Peddler’s Salted Plum flavored Gin.

Visit the Official EC Proof Website to get your Peddler’s Salted Plum flavored Gin today.


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