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Oasis Collection Launched At The Datai Langkawi

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Oasis Collection Launched At The Datai Langkawi


When luxury hospitality meets high fashion 

We have seen a lot of crazy coincidences and aptly planned happenings but this one probably takes the cake. This week, local fashion designer Alia Bastamam just launched her 2023 fashion collection, Oasis, at the Datai Langkawi Resort. Coincidentally, the collection was inspired by the Datai Langkawi too.Datai

This beautiful Oasis collection comes in six different and tasteful designs which could be yours exclusively at the boutique of the Datai Resort or on the Alia Bastamam website. Alternatively, if you feel extra you could book an appointment at the Alia Bastamam showroom in Kuala Lumpur too.

However, we recommend just getting it online, after all, who has the time to sit through the endless traffic of Kuala Lumpur for hours on end. Honestly the time wasted in the traffic could be better spent on a holiday, perhaps one that also has the beautiful Oasis collection on the premises? If only such a place existed… Oh wait…

Maybe we are projecting a little bit but everyone needs a break from time to time right? Besides, where better than the tranquil and serene beach of Langkawi to truly unwind and relax? Plus after the experience guests had at the Oasis fashion show in the Datai, we honestly could not recommend that place more.

First thing’s first, the General Manager of the resort, Arnaud Girodon gave the guests a warm Datai Langkawi welcome with a delicious and authentic Malaysian Dinner at the Gulai House. While the food was probably fantastic, the real highlight of this was the rustic decor which was kampung-styled with a few Oasis touches here and there.Spa

The guests also experienced a revitalizing stay as they spent the night among nature. It is truly an experience you won’t find anywhere else as you would be embraced by the ancient rainforest and all its calming sights, sounds and inviting warmth. What more could anyone ask for?

Adding to the fun, guests of the Oasis Fashion Show were also treated to a showcase of the collection set in front of the resort’s lush, green and majestic trees. The evening ended by the resort’s Beach Club complete with a celebrity DJ to celebrate a successful launch.Beach front

With 121 rooms, suites and villas, an eco-conscious ethos and an ongoing initiative to collaborate with local artists and artisans, there is no better place than the Datai Langkawi to enjoy an authentically Malaysian holiday experience.


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