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No 3 Gin’s Redesigned Bottle Now Looks As Good As It Tastes

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No 3 Gin’s Redesigned Bottle Now Looks As Good As It Tastes

No 3 Gin

The world’s best Gin just got a new refreshing look fit for a kingNo 3

When Berry Bros. & Rudd created No 3 Gin, they wanted to create something more than just a drink. They wanted to create a masterpiece and that is exactly what they did as their drink has gained over 30 awards for excellence since 2010.

On top of that, it is also the first gin in the world to win the prestigious Supreme Champion Spirit award at the International Spirits Challenge 2019 after being awarded World’s Best Gin four times at the International Spirits Challenge. Now after all that, its iconic bottle is getting a redesign to match its looks to its superior taste.

We all know that no bar (at home or otherwise) is complete without a little gin, but how do you pick the right one for you? Well that’s where No 3 Gin comes in, packed with the refreshing flavours of juniper, citrus and a hint of spice, this drink is perfect for any gin drink or just on its own.

With all the awards this drink has amassed, it is a no brainer, but unfortunately, looks ARE everything and in order to make the king of gins to actually look like a king, the good folks over at Berry Bros. & Rudd have decided, it was time for a redesign. However, its not just any redesign, this makeover is one nobody will soon forget.

Moreover, This distinctive new bottle is bold but subtle and instantly recognizable, perfectly representing the quality and pedigree that the world has come to know No 3 Gin for.

The hexagonal shape signifies the six botanicals used in the brand’s recipe and the crisp turquoise colour represents the flavours mentioned earlier that make it the best choice for any Dry Martini (obviously shaken if you want to feel more debonair) that even a hardened Whiskey lover like myself can appreciate and enjoy.

Naturally, the name and iconic key remain prominently displayed front and centre as any crown jewel would be and the taste is still as memorable as ever. This redesigned bottle still houses the most high quality and exceptionally tasty gin anyone could ever have the privilege of drinking and that is exactly what the brand aspires towards.No 3

Feeling thirsty and just need a sip of what 007 over there is having? Get yourself a No 3  Gin from the brand’s official website now and raise a toast to yourself for choosing this excellent drink.


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