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New Kid On The Block, Magana Is Making Waves In The Watch World

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New Kid On The Block, Magana Is Making Waves In The Watch World


Magana watches signify culture, togetherness and mindfulness

Founded in 2021 and launching in 2023, Magana is the product of a Dubai-based Watch industry veteran Omar Chaoui. The “Raison d’Etre” of the brand is to simply answer a question that watch lovers around the world have been asking themselves for years –“Is it possible to manufacture and deliver a highly qualitative, well designed mechanical timepiece with a useful complication at a transparent and fair price?”Magana

What Magana Stands For

Magana aims to create and nurture a community of like-minded individuals who believe that we can do better. Indeed, the brand believes that life is all about moments. The quality of each moment is related to how we decide to spend time and with whom. We all know that time is precious, and as we age, its value increases exponentially.

Omar Chaoui, explains, “Time is precious and should be used mindfully and responsibly by making each moment count. We have taken the time these last two years working to bring fairly priced, qualitative, well designed and well executed mechanical watchmaking. We also believe that in this day and age, there must be a sense of responsibility in the way we consume products”.Magana

A Unique Vision

Born out of the vision of its founder, a watch industry veteran, and watch collector, Magana comes to the market with a clear vision, to bring together people committed to making the world a better place for future generations by consuming smartly and responsibly without scarifying their individuality or sense of style.

As a Moroccan, Omar chose the word Magana, in his native Darija dialect, to name the brand, as in his language, Magana simply means watch. The brand is built to integrate three core values into its DNA, namely Culture, Togetherness, and Mindfulness.Magana

A Unique Business Strategy

The brand’s strategy is to launch one model at a time, four times a year, exclusively through its website. The brand will release 212 units of each watch and deliver them within four months from the drop date as the brand chooses not to have a permanent collection to maintain business efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

As a new brand starting from scratch and animated by the wish to build a responsible attitude within its DNA, Magana has partnered up with TREES FOR THE FUTURE. Months before dropping its first timepiece, the brand had committed to this wonderful NGO and already financed the planting of 5,000 trees in Sub-Saharan Africa.Magana

Find out more about this sustainable watchbrand by visiting the Official Magana Website.


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