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National Art Gallery Presents Atma Kirana: A Celebration Malaysian Artistry

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National Art Gallery Presents Atma Kirana: A Celebration Malaysian Artistry

Atma Kirana

Atma Kirana by Abdul Shakir explores the beauty of the Rukun Negara

The National Art Gallery presents Atma Kirana, a site-specific digital art installation by Abdul Shakir as the latest addition to the ongoing Single (Hanya Satu) showcase located at the entry hall of the gallery starting today.Atma Kirana

The Man Behind The Art

Abdul Shakir, also known as Grasshopper, stands as one of the most celebrated new media artists in Malaysia and is distinguished for his imaginative exploration of digital and interactive elements to create immersive art experiences.

Embodying the essence of a Beautiful Soul in both ancient Malay and Sanskrit languages, Atma Kirana encourages visitors to collectively embark on an artistic expedition that underscores the profound significance of the Rukun Negara or National Principles.Atma Kirana

Art Goes Digital

The digital art installation is an assemblage of five distinct flower motifs, each captures the quintessence and spirits of the guiding principles, namely Faith (Percaya), Loyalty (Setia), Good Governance (Luhur), Rules of Law (Adil) and Kindness (Baik).

The installation, comprising an ensemble of 100 suspended LED panels, is intricately choreographed and suspended mid-air. In a harmonious blend of colours, lights and form, Atma Kirana comes to life, blossoming into a vibrant spectacle that invites visitors to explore and contemplate the diverse viewpoints of the artworks.Atma Kirana

Going beyond, Atma Kirana takes shape from repurposed LED panels, formerly fixtures on roadside billboards that once adorned Kuala Lumpur’s cityscape. The art installation echoes the commitment to incorporate sustainable design practices, weaving messages of environmental responsibility into the narrative.

The Supporters

Atma Kirana is proudly supported by Yayasan TM (YTM) through its Digital Tech Incubator Programme (DTI) and made possible by Pixel World, Helio Media, iNYALA, Filamen, PORT Ipoh, Converse Malaysia and RUBIX Communications. A series of complementary public programmes such as artist sharing sessions and workshops will be held to deepen the visitor’s connection with the artwork.

In conjunction with the celebration of Merdeka and Malaysia Day, the National Art Gallery cordially extends an invitation to the public to experience Atma Kirana, an art installation that seeks to inspire self-discovery through the essence of Rukun Negara and evolving tapestry of Malaysia’s diverse culture.Atma Kirana

The Atma Kirana exhibition will open from 9 August until 30 October 2023 and admission is free. Visit the Official National Art gallery Website for more information.


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