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Michelin Malaysia And Cyclistic Collaborate On Premium Bicycle Tires

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Michelin Malaysia And Cyclistic Collaborate On Premium Bicycle Tires


Michelin has unveiled 3 lines of high-performance tires in this partnership

Michelin Malaysia has announced the expansion of their local tire portfolio with the introduction of premium bicycle tires to the Malaysian market. This expansion, in partnership with prominent local distributor Cyclistic Malaysia aims to revolutionise the riding experience for cyclists across the nation.Michelin

Laying Rubber

Michelin’s premium range of high-performance bicycle tires are now available at seven Cyclistic stores and distributor locations across the Klang Valley. Starting from 1 December 2023, customers can view and purchase Michelin’s range of bicycle tires at Cyclistic’s main outlet.

The Lineup

The Michelin Power Cup Competition Line is the first of the catalogue and it is Suitable for racing and training, its speed and efficiency are inspired by MotoGP technology. They’re light and reliable thanks to the Michelin Aramid Shield Technology and 3×120 TPI casing. Moreover, the Michelin GUM-X compound ensures efficient handling and stability in both wet and dry conditions.Cyclistic

Next up is the Michelin Wild Enduro Front Racing Line which was developed to excel on all types of terrain. Specially designed for use at the front, it can also be fitted at the rear for even more grip. The combination of the tread, Magi-X DH and the Down Hill Shield deliver maximum grip. With double-reinforced Down Hill Shield and anti-puncture reinforcement, these tires maintain excellent handling even at lower pressures.

Lastly, the Michelin Wild Am Performance Line, fortified with “Bead To Bead Protection,” optimises puncture resistance. The tread is precision-engineered for increased grip, especially on the front wheel, while the robust “Trail Shield” casing ensures long-lasting safety and performance with its 4×60 TPI construction.

The Cost

The recommended retail pricing (RRP) for the Michelin bicycle tires range begins from RM 240 to RM 315 for road bike tires (Michelin Power Cup Competition Line) and RM 105 to RM 290 for the mountain bike tire range (Michelin Wild Enduro Front Racing Line and Michelin Wild Am Performance Line).Cyclistic

For more information, please visit the Official Michelin Website.


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