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Metavertu 2 Web3-Friendly Smartphone Makes Its Debut In Singapore

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Metavertu 2 Web3-Friendly Smartphone Makes Its Debut In Singapore

Metavertu 2

Is the Metavertu 2 Web3 smartphone from Vertu the luxury smartphone for you?

The first Metavertu was touted to be the world’s first Web3 phone, with two smart chips in one phone, a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC and an A5 encryption chip, for safety in blockchain and Web3 transactions and communications. The first Metavertu offered luxury and materials for a luxurious tactile feel as well.Metavertu 2

Part 2

The Metavertu 2, the follow up model, ups the ante, touting to be the most secure crypto mobile phone, with a “unhackable” Secure Element (SE) chip that generates a bank-level encryption for signing, decryption, hardware-based random number generation, and a Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZK) capability. 

Moreover, the Keybox feature stores local private keys within a hardware space based on the physical SE chip, and is isolated from the Android operating system to ensure maximum security for the blockchain private keys. 

Safety First

All Web3 apps are managed in a separate Decentralized Operating System (DOS), again isolated from the Android operating system meant for all other Web2 apps and functionality. The Metavertu 2 features seamless switching between the two operating systems (DOS and Android), using different fingerprints, with features such as system camouflage, data destruction, and end-to-end encrypted communication. Metavertu 2

Additionally, the Metavertu 2 features I-DID, which is an irreplaceable identity that binds the I-DID with a user’s mobile IMEI number, so users can access all Web3 dApps with the Web2 high-net worth user identity, without the need for repetitive registrations. 

The Safest Crypto Phone

For cryptocurrency adopters, the MPC Wallet frees the user from memorising mnemonic phrases, working with the Keybox feature for robust security for private keys, some say this makes the phone virtually ‘unhackable’.

The Metavertu 2 Web3 phone is also a developer haven, with programmability through open protocols to work with the embedded Hardware ZK, Trusted Oracle Protocol (TOP), ensuring the authenticity of every step of data flow through various components such as the TLS, Android, and SE Proof.  Metavertu 2

For more information, visit the Official Vertu Website.


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