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Marriott Survey Reveals Majority Of Youngsters Intend To Holiday Closer To Home

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Marriott Survey Reveals Majority Of Youngsters Intend To Holiday Closer To Home


Apparently more than two-thirds of Gen Z and millennials don’t prefer the long haul

A regional survey by global luxury hospitality leader, Marriott International, has coined a term to describe a new generation of travelers set to disrupt the industry over the next few years. ‘Native Explorers,’ and this term recognizes a tribe of affluent millennial and Gen Z travelers in Asia Pacific who are bucking the trend by traveling in reverse order to generations before them. Marriott

A New Generation Of Holidaymakers

While their predecessors may be saving up for more costly long-haul travel later in life, Native Explorers are already well-traveled at a younger age, with one in four notching up no less than two continents outside of Asia Pacific by the time they hit 26. Despite having the means, Native Explorers claim they will be spending their travel dollars closer to home for at least the next two years, as 85 percent of them believe that they have yet to fully discover all the region has to offer.

The survey across Australia, China, Japan, India, Singapore, and South Korea was commissioned to better understand the attitudes of affluent millennial and Gen Z travelers and help luxury brands meet their evolving aspirations.Marriott

Luxury Through Connection

Native Explorers are redefining what luxury travel means, from elusive and exclusive to meaningful connection and experiences. As they transition towards understated and authentic holidays, one in three respondents (37 percent) called out human connection, genuine hospitality, and being part of a community as critical components of luxury travel.

Caught between their desires to discover and luxuriate, a staggering nine in ten respondents prefer to explore the destination with assistance from their luxury hotel, rather than research and hire a local guide of their own. Marriott

Almost half (45 percent) prefer to sample local cuisine through the property’s gourmet dining, 39 percent want to experience the local culture through the hotel’s curated programming, and 34 percent are keen to try local wellness rituals available at the hotel spa.


Marriott Internation

More information can be found on the Official Marriott Website.

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