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Marriott International Expands Footprint In Asia Pacific

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Marriott International Expands Footprint In Asia Pacific


Global hotel chain unveils detailed plans for expansionMarriott

Marriott International has been one of the benchmarks for hotel luxury for many years. Now, the international hotel chain has announced plans to open 14 more luxury properties across the region. While this definitely puts a smile on many faces in Asia, there are several in particular that certainly stand out.

The first property Marriott plans to build is The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Melbourne and it will offer guests a panoramic view courtesy of its magnificent skyline and bring a truly five-star culinary experience with their delectable cuisine. So if you’re visiting Melbourne when it opens, you’re in for a treat.

Marriott will also expand its presence in India with the new St. Regis Hotel opening in Goa. The breathtaking 49-acre beachfront will blend timeless traditions that India is known for with the next level luxury and pleasurable experience that makes the Marriott International a favourite among hotel visitors.

The W brand will also see new additions to the portfolio with W Hotels in Macau and Sydney. The W Hotel will push forward on the playful culture of Macau to offer a luxury experience that many visitors will be sure to appreciate while W brings its third location in Australia with the W Hotel in Sydney to double down on an already dynamic location.Marriott

In India and China, both the JW Marriott in Goa and Xi’an will provide an atmosphere that encourages guests to be fully present in the moment which is a unique way for visitors to truly unwind and be one with nature.

Marriott International will also unveil EDITION Hotels in Tokyo and Singapore which promise sophisticated experience in these one of a kind locations. The Edition Hotels combine the unparalleled design of these hotels with an intimate and personal form of luxury. The location in Singapore is the one that will be on the radar of most Malaysians for sure.

The last location brings hospitality and luxury together in impeccable form. The Bulgari Hotel in Tokyo which allow residents and visitors to Tokyo to experience the glamour and timeless heritage of Italy in this new ultra-skyscraper towering over the Japanese capital. Marriott

These new hospitality projects will open their doors across the region sometime in 2023. Want to keep up with what’s happening over at Marriott International? Visit the Official Marriott Website and stay up to date.


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