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Mandai Wildlife West To Welcome Visitors With Open Wings On 8 May 2023

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Mandai Wildlife West To Welcome Visitors With Open Wings On 8 May 2023


Mandai Wildlife West is in partnership with Singapore’s Bird Paradise

Birdwatchers and fans of the winged creatures rejoice! Soon you will be able to walk through Singapore’s new bird park and get a glimpse of how the birds and their carers are settling into their new home at Bird Paradise with Mandai Wildlife, which soft-launches on 8 May 2023.

More Than Just A Bird Park

Next to the new park, you can also enjoy the many dining and retail options as well as playgrounds and public artworks at Mandai Wildlife West. This new ungated public node serves as the gateway to Bird Paradise and the upcoming Rainforest Wild located in Singapore.

Mike Barclay, Group CEO of Mandai Wildlife Group shared: “Our animal care team and veterinarians have been carrying out the mammoth task of moving more than 3,000 birds from Jurong to the Mandai Wildlife Reserve.”

“This ‘great migration’ was a first-time experience for both our birds and employees, and I am glad to share that they are all settling in well at their new home. We look forward to welcoming everyone who’s eager to visit the new park during this run-in period.”

“We are also excited to be opening Mandai Wildlife West as a new, ungated community space. This marks another major milestone for the Mandai Rejuvenation Project, with other openings to follow in the years ahead.”

Celebrate Unique Stories

Bird Paradise is a celebration of birds and their stories, and will be home to some of the world’s most threatened species. This includes Philippine Eagles and Negros Bleeding-heart Doves, Straw-headed Bulbuls, Black-winged Mynas and Blue-throated Macaws.

One of the species, the Socorro Dove, is in fact extinct in the wild, and only survives because of the breeding efforts undertaken by the Mandai Wildlife Group and other conservation-minded institutions.

More Experiences

Enjoy intimate, keeper-led experiences, or take a “backstage pass” to discover what goes into caring for the feathered residents of Bird Paradise. These include an exclusive look into the Avian Healthcare and Research Centre, where guests can observe the vets in action as they provide the best care for their charges.

Full details of Singapore’s new Bird Paradise as well as its soft opening can be found on the Official Mandai Website.


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