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Maje Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary With A Capsule Tribute To The Year 1998

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Maje Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary With A Capsule Tribute To The Year 1998


Go back in time with Maje and relive the best year leading up to Y2K

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Maje, Judith Milgrom unveils a capsule that tells a story of cool and free-spirited femininity. Inspired by the aesthetics of the 2000s, this collection is an ode to party. To me, this collection is even more special as it is also the year I, Aquarius, was born.

What Makes The Collection

Moreover, sequins, denim, pink faux fur, pastel tones and ultra-feminine accessories. The Maje capsule has references to the fashion icons of the era, from Britney Spears’ denim look in 2001, to Mariah Carey’s blingy butterfly ring, to Paris Hilton’s signature hot pink. Ah the good old days, eh?

This heritage wardrobe is versatile, fun, casual and can also be easily mixed and matched with more modern pieces. Glitter tops flirt with flared jeans, cozy faux fur coats are worn with college T-shirts, and light denim boots that can either be paired with a mini-dress or everyday casual pieces. Maje

Old But New

These somewhat aged styles, fit perfectly today and also could have been the fashion trend back in 1998 as well and despite being but an infant at the time, the pictures of my childhood paint a picture of the style back then and since the world was so close to the new millennium. The style at the time could get pretty bold.

Maje obviously understands this perfectly and as such, the entire collection is as bold and colourful as the year 1998 itself. That is why all the items in this collection also pair together perfectly even if they are of different colours, so go ahead, be bold and mix and match the pieces in the collection yourself and make your own style.Maje

A long Time Coming

More than ever, 25 years after its launch, Maje celebrates women, who are confident of themselves and their looks. After all, confidence is key and when you rock the timeless pieces from the Maje collection you can be just as timeless and nostalgia can always boost anyone’s confidence.Maje

More information can be found on the Official Maje Website.


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