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Mabi Swimwear Emphasises Natural Beauty And Says Sustainable Is Sexy

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Mabi Swimwear Emphasises Natural Beauty And Says Sustainable Is Sexy


Mabi’s sustainable swimwear emphasise the natural beauty of women 

The summer of love is almost here, and Mabi Swimwear is ready to add pure freshness and luminosity in your style to complete your summer look. The swimwear brand focuses on making sustainable swimwear which is still sexy and timeless without dropping that summer look we all need, thus making sustainable sexy.Mabi

Sustainable Build

Mabi swimwear items are made with biodegradable fabric but always giving the luxurious feel, sensual cuts and made with love from Brazil. The brand also continuously researches to get the best eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic, organic cotton, and bamboo, which are better for the environment and the skin.

Sustainable Comfort

Moreover, Mabi Swimwear is designed with a focus on comfort and fit, making it ideal to enhance a woman’s natural curves and highlight her best features. The materials are also made from fabric choices to biodegradable tags, or includes colours created via natural dying and mineral salts.Mabi

Inspiration For Sustainability

Flowers, roots, and seeds are the main components of the prints, while plants, spices, and vegetables provide the pigment for Mabi Swimwear items. Inspired by nature, the items have been conceived with a clear objective, to create beautiful and unique garments rooted in a philosophy of respect for our planet and for those who protect it.

Sustainability First

In the same way that indigenous communities have always been innovative in finding methods to use their environment to their advantage while respecting Mother Earth, Mabi Swimwear also finds ways to innovate and find ways to integrate sustainability into its garments as well.Mabi

Making Sustainable Look Sexy

On top of that, Mabi Swimwear have created a collection made entirely from organic handmade materials. Every single detail sourced from the Earth, from the design to the labelling and packaging, has been crafted with a clear attitude of respect towards nature.

MABI Swimwear takes matters into their own hands. As with the Amazon at the heart of its sustainable mission, the brand partners with indigenous peoples offers one of the most socially responsible and highest-leverage opportunities to address the major drivers that impact the Amazon Rainforest.Mabi

Visit the Official Mabi Swimwear Website  to support sustainability and look sexy doing it.


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