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Louis XIII Unveils The Rare Cask 42.1, A True Wonder Of Time And Nature

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Louis XIII Unveils The Rare Cask 42.1, A True Wonder Of Time And Nature

Louis XIII

This cask is the ultimate expression of Louis XIII Cognac

10 years after Rare Cask 42.6, Louis XIII is now set to unveil Rare Cask 42.1, a true wonder of time and nature, offering an ultimate expression of the brand’s Cognac. The uncovering of a Rare Cask is a unique moment in the life of the brand’s Cellar Master, as such it presents a spontaneous and rare occurrence in the world of cognac.Louis XIII

Rare Means Rare

Available in a limited number of just over 775 unique black crystal decanters, Rare Cask 42.1 is a gateway into the wonders of the world, embracing the realms of the unknown and the unfamiliar in the quest for the extraordinary. With a taste to match, this cask is truly one of  kind.

A Legacy Honoured Today

The tiercons that lie amongst the shadows in the cellars of Domaine de Grollet, the confluence of the Louis XIII Legacy, are wonders in themselves. Together they hold a treasured collection of eaux-de-vie, precious memories distilled from the Cognac Grande Champagne terroir, and from which the famous cognac is born.Louis XIII

A Gift From Nature

Each tiercon is born from French oak trees that take over 100 years to reach maturity and is said to have its own spirit that it whispers into the eaux-de-vie. Every acorn planted is a promise of the gift of time and nature by thinking centuries ahead, Louis XIII creates wonderful horizons for future generations.

“If the quality of a Rare Cask rests entirely on a miracle given by nature, the know-how that is necessary to its creation was born from a transmission of an art, from generation to generation, where each cellar master perpetuates the gestures of his predecessors,” says Baptiste Loiseau, Cellar Master of Louis XIII. Louis XIII

Celebrating The Rarity

An exclusive event was held in Venice, Italy, to celebrate the discovery of the Rare Cask 42.1 and mark this special moment in time, with the theme ‘Care For Wonders’. A city that for hundreds of years has preserved a unique heritage, patrimony, and artistic beauty, intertwined with the Louis XIII identity, Venice remains a source of inspiration. However, the rarity of the Louis XIII Rare Cask 42.1 is soon to be exported to several cities around the world. This includes Paris, Zurich, London, Dubai, Moscow, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and our very own Kuala Lumpur.Louis XIII

Visit the Official Louis XIII website to discover more.


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