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Loewe Spring Summer 2023 Collection Highlights Accessories

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Loewe Spring Summer 2023 Collection Highlights Accessories

Spring Summer

Loewe makes accessories look good with its Spring Summer 2023 Collection

Loewe as a brand is no stranger to elevating even the most mundane of looks to new heights and giving us true marvels in the world of fashion. Now the brand is about to take your accessories game to a whole new level by introducing its Spring Summer 2023 Collection which features amazing accessories.

Spring Summer

That’s right, Loewe presents the Spring Summer 2023 Women’s runway collection through reduction, tightening and redesigning. By sharpening, stripping down, and thinking forward, the brand managed to recreate the precision of an anthurium flower, a product of nature that looks like an object of design and is treated as such.

Moreover, in this Loewe Spring Summer 2023 collection, light plays with texture and the light is further absorbed by velvet and waxed cotton, reflected by enamel and leather to result in a truly magnificent and mesmerizing fashion masterpiece fit for only the most discerning of fashionistas.

Spring Summer

The Loewe Spring Summer 2023 collection also features spike-heeled pumps, flats, pumped-up rubber pumps, pumps swarming in deflated balloons. This season, the Puffer Goya bag makes a return in a big way, playing on volume and textures. This mix of new and familiar accessories is perfect for any occasion.

On top of the iconic Goya puffer bag in the Loewe Spring Summer 2023 collection, the new Paseo bag is exquisitely crafted with a pure and elegant silhouette and is elongated and streamlined. The supple and ultra-light construction is further enhanced by a distinctive, softly pleated silhouette.


Shapes are also reduced to their most basic form with the Loewe Spring Summer 2023 collection as they are standardised and then inflated, shrunken, sliced or left as they are. This makes each piece unique as it is either already good enough on its own or it is simply in need of a makeover.

The Loewe Spring Summer 2023 collection also highlights solid colours and neutral shades with bright accents too. Archetype tote bags, hard cases, the Signature Puzzle in a solid-colour version and more all make an appearance in this collection.

The Loewe collection makes anyone look instantly better via the use of these alluring accessories and you too can take advantage of this by simply incorporating the use of these accessories into your wardrobe.Loewe

Looking to upgrade your style? Visit the Official Loewe Website to level up today.

(Images: Loewe)


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