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Lamborghini Releases “The Engine Songs” On Spotify

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Lamborghini Releases “The Engine Songs” On Spotify


This is a playlist tuned to Lamborghini engines

Lamborghini is a brand that needs no introduction, especially after the phenomenal year the brand has had so far. However, rather sadly, the brand will have to slowly but surely abandon one of their hallmarks, the Lamborghini engines to keep up with the shift to electrification. This is why the brand is releasing “The Engine songs” on Spotify.Lamborghini

The Engine Songs is a playlist on spotify that was curated by music producer, Alex Trecarichi in collaboration with Lamborghini’s sound engineers. The playlist celebrates the unique and mesmerizing tunes of Lamborghini internal combustion engines, the V12, V10 and twin-turbo V8 engines.

These playlists are all available in three 24-track playlists on Spotify. Moreover, these Lamborghini playlists also include covers created by graphic designer Vasjen Katro. What’s more, each of the playlists include songs tuned scientifically to its specific engine roar and vibrations.

Trecarichi applied the formulas of the Fourier Transform to the music engine to truly unleash the sounds of the engine. “This procedure enabled me to find the basic frequencies of the engine coinciding with the three precise phases of its expressiveness: ignition (idling), the 4,000-rpm speed and at maximum power,” he explains. Lamborghini

This unique musical experiment began with the artistic transposition of the Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimate’s angelic V12. This is fitting as this V12 has been at the heart of some of the brand’s most iconic cars for almost six decades and brought joy to the hearts of everyone blessed enough to hear it sing.

There is also an In The Engine Songs: Let’s talk V12 video which sees Alex Trecarichi being joined by aerospace and sound engineer Mario Mautone, who is also the NVH Whole Vehicle Coordinator for Lamborghini.

Mautone also said, “One of the aspects I pay attention to is the harshness of sound that sets Lamborghini apart. It’s that raw metallic echo which is then embodied in the psychoacoustic experience, the chemical and emotional response to the sound wave that our brains transform into positive emotions and memories.”

“This is why I associate the Sound of the V12 with that of a violin: the instrument par excellence of high notes, capable of a crescendo from loudness to sharpness, and quite similar to what is generated by the Lamborghini V1,” he adds.Spotify

Treat your ears to a symphony of Lamborghini on Spotify today.


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