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Kross Studio Reveals Unique KS 05 Titanium Black Meteorite Model 

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Kross Studio Reveals Unique KS 05 Titanium Black Meteorite Model 

Black Meteorite

The KS 05 Titanium Black Meteorite is only available at Chronopassion Paris

Swiss watch manufacturer Kross Studio reveals the unique new KS 05 model, a stellar new addition to the design studio’s cornerstone timepiece collection. The one-of-a-kind titanium wristwatch features a rare Gibeon meteorite dial billions of years in the making.Black Meteorite

Elegance And Excellence

The dial exhibits the crystalline elegance of its embedded iron ores, a lustrous, textural foil to its 45mm brushed titanium case. The rare KS 05 Titanium Black Meteorite Model will be available exclusively at Chronopassion Paris. The timepiece makes a shining addition to Kross Studio’s acclaimed KS 05 Timepiece Collection.

Moreover, a KS 05 model and its groundbreaking central floating tourbillon movement conceived by Marco Tedeschi, recently garnered a nomination for the first-ever Louis Vuitton Watch Prize, one of just twenty timepieces and brands singled out for the honor.Black Meteorite

A Trailblazer From Day One

Since the brand’s founding in 2020 by Marco Tedeschi, Kross Studio has made significant strides in the world of luxury timepieces, shaking up traditional notions with the manufacturer’s radical designs and skillful yet wholly unique new applications of Swiss craftsmanship.

The KS 05 collection showcases Kross Studio’s passion for exceptional engineering with its striking and uniquely constructed movement. At its heart is the caliber KS7’005, a manual-winding central floating tourbillon, a world-first achievement in which Kross Studio takes great pride.Black Meteorite

Unique Materials

Additionally, the unique KS 05 Black Meteorite case is made from Grade 5 titanium, a bio compatible material that surpasses stainless steel in terms of strength and durability, underlining Kross Studio’s commitment to using the most advanced materials in the industry.

With its new KS 7’005 caliber, the heart of the new KS 05 timepiece, Kross Studio continues to redefine the luxury timepiece industry. This manual-winding central floating tourbillon, a world-first, combines exceptional engineering and meticulous craftsmanship.Black Meteorite

More information can be found on the Official Kross Studio Website.


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