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Kross Studio Collaborates With Game Of Thrones – House Of The Dragon

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Kross Studio Collaborates With Game Of Thrones – House Of The Dragon

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The Hallmark of this new Game of Thrones collaboration has to be the watches

Renegade design studio and watch manufacturer Kross Studio once again pushes the boundaries with a series of new collector timepieces, this time with inspiration from the Game of Thrones. The limited-edition sets include both a Kross Studio central floating tourbillon watch and a dragon egg functional sculpture.

A Collaboration Forged In Fire
The watch, designed by Kross Studio Founder Marco Tedeschi, was crafted to be fit for the Targaryen family.  It is representative of a custom commission that will fit right on the wrist of whoever sits on the Iron Throne. The watch embodies the Targaryen’s distinct aesthetic codes, from its opulent case to its meticulous serpentine movement.

The Face Of The Dragon
Both the hour and minute hands of this Game of Thrones and House of Dragon themed timepiece are displayed in a unique peripheral format courtesy of a planetary gear system that orbits 360° around the tourbillon. Plus, a 12-factor gear ratio allows this dragon to fly and roar for hours on end without losing its fire.

Valyrian Steel
The watch’s design synthesizes key elements of the Game of Thrones series and its renowned dragons, such as its dial, made of Damasteel. Reminiscent of Valyrian steel, made up of multiple dark and shimmering layers, Damasteel is crafted from the same foundry that forged the metal used in the swords in the series.

Dragon Scales
The ergonomic, grade 5 titanium watch case emulates a dragon scale through intricate three-dimensional engraving and features the Targaryen House sigil, a three-headed dragon breathing flame, in the center of the case back. Each case back is uniquely identified by the engraved name of the singular dragon that inspired the collector set, with only one set dedicated to a single dragon in typical Kross Studio fashion.

On top of that, the Targaryen house’s prestige and special link to dragons are inextricably linked across age and myth. The dragons embody the ultimate power and loyalty and inspire awe and fascination. Kross Studio looked to dragon’s origins, their eggs, to inspire this collector set’s unique functional sculpture.

Kross Studio Game of Thrones – House of the Dragon Collector Sets retail for CHF 150,000 each (about USD162,979) will be available for sale individually at the Official Kross Studios Website.


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