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Kilkerran Launches Four New Intoxicating Single Malt Whisky Flavours

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Kilkerran Launches Four New Intoxicating Single Malt Whisky Flavours


Kilkerran gives us single malt whisky drinkers more to look forward to

What’s In A Name?

Kilkerran, that is the name that was chosen by the Mitchell’s Glengyle Distillery for its single malt whisky and the reason for this is two fold, firstly, because the Glengyle name was already in use for a blended Highland malt and the brand wanted to avoid any confusion from all parties.Kilkerran

The second and more important reason behind the name is that the name “Kilkerran,” derived from the Gaelic ‘Ceann Loch Cille Chiarain,’ which is the name of the original settlement where Saint Kerran and his religious Cell. It is also where Campbeltown stands today.

What’s New?

Moreover, like its name, Kilkerran whisky is an experience all on its own, now the brand is bringing four new, delicious and intoxicating whisky ranges into Malaysia, namely the Springbank single malt range, Campbeltown 12 years single malt scotch whisky, the Longrow range and the Hazelburn range, all with a 46 percent ABV.Kilkerran

The Springbank Range

The Kilkerran Springbank range hits the nose with a gentle coastal breeze filled with the aroma of fresh orchard fruit. Its complex and robust nature gives it an oily mouth feel full of spice with notes of orchard fruit before leaving a sweet salted caramel finish. The range includes 12, 15, 18 and 25 year expressions.Kilkerran

Kilkerran Campbeltown 12 Year Scotch

Kilkerran Campbeltown 12 Year Scotch Whisky first fills your nose with a sweet confectionery note, akin to turkish delight and hits your mouth first with a zesty and citrus-y flavour with a kind of cheesecake oiliness before leaving a finish that will remind you of campfire embers and sweet hints of pecan pie and butterscotch.Kilkerran

The Longrow Range

On top of that, the Longrow range of whisky first hits the nose with a creamy, vanilla custard note that develops gradually. It’s incredibly well balanced flavour, rich and creamy is perfectly contrasted with a slightly medicinal hint as well before finishing with a gentle smoky note that will leave you wanting more.Kilkerran

The Hazelburn Range

The Kilkerran Hazelburn single malt first fills the nose with the temptation of manuka honeycomb before then filling the palate with a smooth elegant and bourbon dram that has been triple distilled because this whisky is meant for those who will accept nothing less than the best, and its creamy milks chocolate finish reflects this perfectly.

Find out more on the Official Single Malt and Available Website today.


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