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Kilchoman Single Malt Whisky Only For Two Bars

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Kilchoman Single Malt Whisky Only For Two Bars

Kichoman Single Malt Whisky

Kilchoman is not only for the Malaysian whisky drinker who brags about the age of their bottle every single time he or she is ready to consume. Instead, this is a whisky so exclusive, you will only be able to get a glass or maybe up to five at just two locations in Malaysia.

Kichoman Single Malt Whisky The Whisky Bar KL located in Changkat Bukit Bintang and the Directors Cut in Menara Ken Taman Tun will be serving this exclusive whiskey.

Interestingly, only 100 bars worldwide (2 for Malaysia) will serve this whisky brand and this is how the distillery wants to share its product.

Kichoman Single Malt Whisky Meanwhile, both Malaysian locations will have very limited supply yearly as the available bottles will be just a handful as this 124-year-old distillery produces small quantities with very high quality standards.

Kichoman Single Malt Whisky So, the name Kilchoman Comraich will soon be whispered in very exclusive Malaysian circles and only sipped by high society individuals who will be draped in flashy designer products and velvet tongs.

Meanwhile, let us share our first taste of this exclusive single malt whisky. To start, it does not give out an overpowering aroma when brought close to your breathing inlets.

Kichoman Single Malt Whisky The first shot was interestingly light and smooth. It was very easy to swallow neat (without ice and water). Our second shot was with a single cube of ice made from spring water.  Swirl it for a while and when you pour it down your windpipe it slides with ease and without over powering your senses.

The third shot was enjoyed with two cubes of ice and it had more ‘bite’ at the back of our throat as it took its journey to join its siblings.

Kichoman Single Malt Whisky When it was time for the fourth and final glass, we were still in control of our senses, despite the 15-minute interval in between shots.

The aroma was less interesting, instead it was rather subtle. The decision to consume ‘naked’ (without ice and water) was made and we sipped the well calculated shot in 4 small sips.

Little effort, less intense and somewhat soothing, this single malt was distinctly easy on the taste buds and within a few minutes there was a light buzz sent to the left side of our skull.

Kichoman Single Malt Whisky It was a clear calling of calmness and happiness. Yes, we had been ‘nudged’ by the 55.5% abv.

Kilchoman Comraich is a global network of bars dedicated to the enjoyment of Kilchoman single malt where you will find the finest and widest range of Kilchoman single malts, including special Comraich bottlings exclusively available from Comraich sanctuaries (bars).

Kichoman Single Malt Whisky


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