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JW Anderson X Run Hany Collab Available At Club 21

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JW Anderson X Run Hany Collab Available At Club 21

JW Anderson

This JW Anderson collection is literally too cute to pass up

Jonathan Anderson is a Northern Irish designer and the man behind the award-winning brand, JW Anderson. The brand is perhaps most popular for its unique take on masculinity and femininity in the modern world. Now the brand is collaborating with the popular South Korean animated series, Run Hany and the result looks incredible.

Naturally being a brand based around uniqueness, JW Anderson has never been shy about collaborating and incorporating quirky pop culture into their world renowned label. This has led the brand to dive in head first into their newest collaboration inspired by the popular South Korean animated series, Run Hany.

The series tells the story of 13-year-old Hany, a plucky teenage rebel with far above average track and field skills, which she uses to escape the lonely and rough environment she grew up in. The story is simple yet it resonates with a lot of teenagers which is why this animation translates so well to the JW Anderson style.

Run Hany was originally a children’s cartoon magazine which ran from 1985 to 1987 before it was adapted into an animated show. Being a teen show, it obviously deals with many themes ranging from sportsmanship and confidence to love and loss. All of these are reflected in the JW Anderson collection too.

As you can  see in the JW Anderson AW22 collection, the pieces consistently follows the theme of drawing inspiration from classic films, movies and series. That is what makes every piece in the collection, be it a bag, sweater, bucket hat or whatever all exude a feeling of rebellious but still eye-catching style.

Additionally, every JW Anderson piece including bumper bags, tracksuits-shirts, hoodies and bucket hats were all styled in collaboration with the original Run Hany illustrator and creator, Jinju. This ensures a more authentic and nostalgic feel to the bespoke imagery which is prominently featured on all designs.

The best part about all this is the fact that you can either get any of these amazing and adorable JW Anderson X Run Hany accessories either in-store at the Club21 Four Seasons or online. Who said looking good couldn’t be convenient?

Feeling nostalgic for some animated series themed fashion? Get something to satisfy your inner child from the Official Club21 Website today.


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