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Japan’s Balmuda Arrives To Revolutionise Malaysians’ Culinary Experiences

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Japan’s Balmuda Arrives To Revolutionise Malaysians’ Culinary Experiences


New offerings from Balmuda include a celebrated toaster oven and electric kettle set

Japan’s iconic and award-winning Balmuda has launched its two revolutionary kitchen appliances in Malaysia. The Balmuda The Toaster and Balmuda The Pot, are set to redefine Malaysians’ culinary experiences. Balmuda

The Origins

Founded in Tokyo in 2003 by Gen Terao, Balmuda has built a strong reputation as the iconic maker of innovative dream appliances, having sold almost 2 million toasters in six regions globally since it made its debut in 2015.

Moreover, Balmuda’s ethos is to design home appliances that will deliver a thrilling and wonderful experience to its users. This combined with science and engineering. The brand’s appliances offer unprecedented value to its users and The Toaster and The Pot are a true testament of innovative functionality at its best.Balmuda

Cutting Edge Technology

The Toaster offers cutting-edge “steam technology” and precise temperature control to transform ordinary and overnight breads and pastries into fresh and perfect bakes. This amazing toaster has made the word “REBAKE” an everyday word in Japan and is best known as the “#the toaster that brings dead bread back to life” in South Korea.

On top of that, the Pot boasts of a pioneering precision pouring with its gooseneck feature, water temperature mastery and extraction techniques to brewing an exquisite and aromatic cuppa. Balmuda

Compact And Functional

Balmuda The Pot sports a beautiful compact size, designed for the smooth pouring in everyday life with the unique design of a gentle glow which it’s visible from every single angle. Its petite size and light weight allow users to handle it steadily so they can get just the right amount of hot water for every need.

Balmuda The Toaster and Balmuda The Pot retail at RM1,799 and RM799, respectively and are accessible at major electrical stores such as Harvey Norman, TBM, ESH, Best Denki, Volt and more to come.Balmuda

Visit the Official Balmuda Website to find out more.


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