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IWC Supports Polaris Dawn Human Spaceflight With Exclusive Chronographs

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IWC Supports Polaris Dawn Human Spaceflight With Exclusive Chronographs

Polaris Dawn

Say hello the new spaceflight collection from IWC SchaffhausenIWC

The Polaris Dawn mission is a private human spaceflight mission operated by SpaceX and when luxurious watchmaker IWC, announced their partnership with the mission earlier in the year, we knew that we were in for a stylish space themed watch. Enter the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “Polaris Dawn.”

The Polaris Dawn Watch is a chronograph finished in white ceramic and features a space-blue dial and it was purpose built to be used on the upcoming spaceflight mission. Each of these 4 masterpieces of horology is engraved with the names of the crew mates on the mission to add a personal touch to them.

The watch cases are 44.5 millimeters in size and the distinctly bright white colour on the ceramic case is a result of a complex manufacturing process which mixes zirconium oxide with other metallic oxides at high temperatures. The treatment producs the most mesmerizing and unique colour on a timepiece ever seen.

Moreover, after the crew has returned to Earth upon completing their mission, the watches will be auctioned off to raise funds for the life-saving work done at the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. So not only will you feel good buying and wearing the watch, you will remember how generous you are every time you look at it.

The St Jude Hospital is a paramount institute that develops treatment for childhood cancer and other horrible pediatric diseases so helping support IWC and the Polaris Dawn collection is also indirectly saving the lives of hundreds of children.

With the mission expected to launch somewhere around the end of the year, this auction will be fast approaching and these timepieces will be back on Earth sooner than we know. So if you plan on snatching one of these for yourself, you had better stay updated on the Polaris Dawn mission.

Want to stay up to date with the auction for these exclusive watches? Check out the Official IWC Website frequently.



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