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MCM And Puma Bring Luxury To Basketball Culture

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MCM And Puma Bring Luxury To Basketball Culture

Puma Slipstream Lo

The two German brands are coming together to treat us to three stunning shoesPuma Slipstream Lo

Luxury brand MCM and casual brand Puma came together in 2018 to gift us with the latter brand’s iconic suede and it was a hit, now the two German companies are collaborating again to treat us to not one, but three drops of gorgeous, functional and exclusive basketball shoes, enter the Puma Slipstream Lo, by MCM and Puma.

The two brands’ last collaboration yielded a fine statement of beauty, and it looks like it will be no different this time. With basketball being the essence of the Puma Slipstream Lo, aspiring basketball star, Mikey Williams is the triple-double face of this campaign and just from that, you know these shoes are going to feel great.

Blending elements of luxury with the sports aesthetic is no easy feat, but of course, these two brands did not only manage to pull it off, they did so in spectacular fashion, giving birth to what may just be the most stylish, comfortable and jaw-dropping pair of basketball shoes anyone can wear on, or off the court and have all eyes on them.

The first drop is set for 8 September 2022 and will feature the Puma Slipstream Lo, a shoe adorned with cognac Visetos Monogram highlights, a classic sign of MCM.

Meanwhile, the second drop will happen in October and the Puma Slipstream Lo shoes will be finished in black and white details finished in MCM’s unmistakable Cubic Monogram with a touch of Mikey Williams’ basketball magic to further enhance its look.

Lastly, the third drop will go live somewhere in the first half of 2023 and it will be the boldest, most loud and eye-catching version of the Puma Slipstream Lo shoes the world will ever see. Sporting a colourful ready-to-wear edition of Puma’s TRC Blaze Court shoes, this is the top of the food chain and most sporty version of these shoes.Mikey Williams

The first drop goes global on 8 September 2022 and you can get your own one of these bold shoes from the MCM global website or in-store at any MCM outlet or globally in Puma stores or their Luxury Distribution partners on 10 September 2022.


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