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Hollywood Comedian, Omid Djalili Coming To Malaysia With His Show ‘Namaste!’

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Hollywood Comedian, Omid Djalili Coming To Malaysia With His Show ‘Namaste!’


Omid Djalili’s ‘Namaste!’ is also heading to Singapore in September as well

Hollywood’s beloved anti-hero comic is set to dazzle Southeast Asia this September, as Omid Djalili brings his acclaimed new show, “Namaste!,” to Malaysia and Singapore. Renowned for his sharp wit and stellar acting prowess, Omid has carved a niche as Britain’s cherished stage and screen artist, alongside being a standout stand-up comedian.'Namaste!'

Where You Have Seen Him

Having graced screens with his unique humour in shows like ‘Small Potatoes’ and ‘The Omid Djalili Show,’ and appearing in blockbuster films such as ‘The Mummy’ and ‘Gladiator,’ Omid’s comedic journey has spanned continents and cultures. He’s a fixture at Edinburgh Festivals and has performed globally, including captivating audiences in Qatar.

Omid’s international acclaim spans a diverse fan base across Australia, Europe, and the Americas, with accolades including Time Out’s Best Stand-Up and the prestigious LWT Comedy Award. His latest tour, “Namaste!,” promises more than laughs; it’s a cultural exploration infused with Omid’s British-Iranian heritage and global adventures.'Namaste!'

International Humour

“I’m thrilled to bring ‘Namaste’ to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. These cities are vibrant hubs of diversity, and I look forward to sharing stories and laughter with their multicultural audiences,” said Omid. “My comedy often touches on themes of unity and understanding, which resonate deeply in today’s world.”

Beyond comedy, Omid uses his platform to address serious issues, including his thoughts on Palestine. “Comedy can be a powerful tool for expressing and bridging divides,” he noted. Through fundraising initiatives tied to his tour, Omid has raised substantial aid for Gaza refugees, demonstrating his commitment to making a difference through laughter and empathy.'Namaste!'

Join The Show

With “Namaste!,” audiences can expect an evening brimming with laughter and introspection, where Omid’s trademark charm and astute observations promise an unforgettable experience. Secure your tickets now to witness Omid Djalili’s comedic brilliance first hand at https://lolasia.bigtix.io/.


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