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Heineken Collaborates With Two Streetwear Brands

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Heineken Collaborates With Two Streetwear Brands


The beer maker hooks up with Yeti Out and Culture Cartel

The end of the year is just around the corner but Heineken Silver is not slowing down their momentum. This year end, the company is collaborating with not one, but two surprisingly smooth streetwear brands to deliver a smooth and inspirational set of accessories to refresh the perspective of a whole new generation.

The first collaboration from Heineken is with music collective and apparel imprint, Yeti Out  and together these two brands are creating a collection featuring t-shirts, shorts, a reversible bucket hat, two tote bags as well as socks, all of which are emblazoned with the tagline “GLOBALLY KNOWN/LOCALLY KNOWN.”

This drop highlights the concept of “GLOCAL” which is a progressive vision among the youth and is at the heart of Yeti Out’s ethos. This concept is also reflected in the Heineken brand which has a global presence and is all about evolution and progressive culture, which is part of why it is so well received worldwide.Heineken

Now, if you want to go ‘GLOCAL,’ too, don’t miss out on the highly anticipated collaboration with Culture Cartel which will feature a set of shoes called the Heineken Kicks. They are probably the coolest shoes you will ever see today because the shoes feature a metal bottle opener inside them.

Furthermore, Heineken and Culture Cartel have also collaborated on an exclusive drop of NFTs called the Smooth Silver Cities x Culture Cartel NFT series which feature Singapore, Tokyo and Bangkok as backgrounds. There will be 500 unique generative designs in this series too.

Speaking of the Heineken Kicks shoes, Gerald Yeo, Director, Marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries stated, “Culture Cartelshares Heineken Silver’s philosophy of breaking out of traditional conventions. They were our partner-of-choice to co-create this collection of digital art that embodies the Heineken Silver brand culture, which brings forth fresh and reimagined street styles for the new online generation.”

“With each artwork representing a unique celebration of inclusiveness and imagination in a progressive, ever- changing world, Heineken Silver aims to leave a mark on the cultural landscape through exciting, creative collaborations that speak to the passions of young consumers.” He added.

More information can be found on the Official Heineken Website.


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