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Have Fun While staying Sober This October With Lyre’s

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Have Fun While staying Sober This October With Lyre’s

Sober October

Lyre’s lets you enjoy your favourite drinks without the hangovers this Sober OctoberLyre's

Lyre’s is an award-winning category leader in the world of crafted non-alcoholic spirits and is most famous for their cream of the crop Lyre’s Italian Orange. With Sober October coming up, the brand wants to help us stay healthy especially with the holiday season fast approaching.

While ‘Sober October’ is usually associated with sobriety and avoiding alcohol, with Lyre’s you can enjoy all the best parts of the drink without consuming any alcohol, thus providing a healthy balance between fun and sobriety.

Whether you want to cut out alcohol entirely or looking to reduce your intake, Lyre’s allows you to enjoy Sober October your way. The best part about these drinks is that they are all specially crafted in a way that makes them look, taste and feel just like the spirits they are based on, so you enjoy all the benefits with none of the downsides.Sober October

Moreover, Lyre’s own Lyre’s Italian Orange was recently named a “must-have” for any bar by the Spirited Awards this year as the best new spirit or cocktail. Imagine having this on command in the comfort of your own home this Sober October.

On top of that, the drink perfectly mimics the essence of the vibrant red Italian bitter aperitivo that is distinctly linked to a classic negroni. For those of you who just need to have a glass of negroni on the rocks this Sober October, you need to have some Lyre’s Italian Orange on standby.

Remember that our health is imperative to our well being and if you truly want to enjoy a nice drink without feeling guilty this October then consider getting a few bottles from Lyre’s and enjoy your drink, your way.Lyre's

Looking for a bottle to keep  in your cabinet? Check out Lyre’s website to get one (or ten) today.


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