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Hastroid Rainbow: The Art Of Colouring Time

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Hastroid Rainbow: The Art Of Colouring Time


The new Hastroid Rainbow is an exclusive unique and creative timepiece

The radiant watches in the Rainbow collection measure are a love letter to colour. To create its own modern, high-tech interpretation of this on-trend look, contemporary independent Swiss fine watchmaking brand HYT chose to incorporate the full range of rainbow colours in the display of the Hastroid Rainbow models.Hastroid

HYT has made the focal point of this piece the outer edge of the dial and the heart of the exclusive fluid module with its retrograde hours display. The colouring is the focus and this serves two purposes: firstly, it creates a stunning decorative effect; secondly, it takes on a technical dimension by enhancing the legibility of the display.

Colourfully Exclusive

Moreover, by nature, each of the 15 Hastroid Rainbow timepieces will be unique and exclusive, as they are the fruit of meticulous work by artisans skilled in an art technique which requires inordinate dexterity.Hastroid

In addition to the precision required in this work carried out by hand, there is also the technical expertise involved in cutting entirely using a laser. The grille onto which the colours are applied is coloured using tinted Zapon lacquer to preserve the vivid and stunning colours for longer periods.

Zapon is a premium single-component lacquer mainly used to provide long-term protection for dials which have undergone galvanic treatment. Applying the lacquer using a pressurised process requires great skill.Hastroid

Hand Made Quality

On top of that, the dial on each of the 15 pieces in the Hastroid Rainbow Limited Edition collection is worked on individually by hand by Yan Patriarca, lacquering expert at MD’Art SA.

The specialist stated, “Depending on the desired final effect, it is possible to change this product by giving it a satin-finished or a mat look, tinting it translucently using dyes, pigments or even with flakes of metal or mother of pearl.”Hastroid

The Hastroid is an iconic model featuring all the brand’s technical and aesthetic DNA. Made from multi-layer carbon fibre with a profile in mat black DLC-coated titanium, its case measures 48 mm in diameter, 52.3 mm in length and is 17.20 mm thick.

The remarkable construction of the case achieved by superimposing adjusted and assembled elements was a feat of great precision. The crown is also made from black-coated titanium. The assembly is waterproof to 30 metres and the mechanical movement is protected by a central titanium case.Hastroid

Discover more about this new radiant timepiece on the Official HYT Website.


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