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Givenchy Presents New Tk-Mx Sneakers For Men And Women

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Givenchy Presents New Tk-Mx Sneakers For Men And Women


The Tk-Mx Sneakers is Givenchy’s Spring Summer 2023 offering

We all know that in recent years, most sneakers have become stale. Aside from a few unique looking sneakers, most of them look the same. Now Givenchy is offering a new fresh take on footwear with the new Tk-Mx Sneakers.Tk-Mx

The TK-MX sneakers look unlike anything else on the market and these styles were first unveiled on the Summer 2023 runway as part of the Givenchy Spring Summer 2023 collection. It also brings a fresh twist to the vision Creative Director Matthew M. Williams has established for the House.

Inspiration To Be Different

The TK-MX sneakers are inspired by the shape of the cult TK-360, the new TK-MX incorporates visual cues from the world of running. A bold shape and distinctive lines are enhanced with lightweight technical materials such as mesh and synthetic leather with reflective highlights.

Special finishes give the sneakers a dynamic feel with high-frequency textures, print and rubber accents supercharge the upper, while mesh-like motifs give the tread a unique footprint. This added on with the unique shape especially in the rear side, make for an exciting new style of sneakers previously unseen.

As a last touch, a printed 4G logo and “bubble” accents with Givenchy lettering complete the high-energy style of the the TK-MX sneakers. This means that these sneakers will most likely be the new trend especially since a certain super famous sneaker brand has recently fallen out of favour in the public eye.

For Him And Her

The TK-MX sneakers for women are available in pure, minimalist white, in a seasonal combination of pink and mint green, and in a daring version embellished with rhinestones for a dash of sparkle. These colours are very eye-catching and can pair with almost any outfit.women

On the other hand, for men, the TK-MX sneakers come in pristine white or sleek black with discreet contrasting accents, as well as in four daring colour combinations: ultraviolet/silvery, green/silvery, yellow/black and brown/pink. All these unique colours ensure that anyone with any style can find a pair they like.

When Are They Coming Out? 

The TK-MX sneakers will be available in Givenchy boutiques and online. The sneakers for men have been made available since 17 February 20023 and the collection for women will be made available in mid-March 2023.men

More information can be found on the Official Givenchy Website.


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