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Givenchy Celebrates 100 Years Of Disney With Capsule Collection

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Givenchy Celebrates 100 Years Of Disney With Capsule Collection


A new collection stars Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Can you believe the famous company behind our childhood favourites has been around for almost 100 years now? Well believe it, because the Walt Disney Company turns 100 on 16 October next year. So in honour of 100 years of Disney, the House of Mouse is collaborating with Givenchy on a limited edition capsule collection.collection

This capsule collection from Disney and Givenchy is not just celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company but also the upcoming Lunar New Year. In true Disney fashion, since it will be the year if the rabbit next year, the star of this collaborative collection is none other than Disney’s own Oswald the lucky rabbit.

Moreover, Oswald the lucky rabbit is re-entering pop-culture next year as the character was originally created by Walt Disney and his studio artists as the precursor to the evergreen Mickey Mouse. What’s more, Oswald was also the first character in the history of animation.collection

This is why Disney is also giving us an all-new Oswald short for the first time in almost 95 years to go along with the capsule collection. This is huge news as we all know how grand 100 years of anything is but when it comes to the biggest company of our time from a different time? It is bound to be a grand shindig indeed.

Givenchy Creative Director Matthew M. Williams took inspiration from all over the world for this collaboration. From New York, to Paris to the birthplace of Disney in Los Angeles and everywhere in between to ensure the two would give us a truly “one-of-a-kind world tour.”collection

Furthermore, the Givenchy and Disney capsule collection features essential pieces for women including a blue varsity jacket, a bright red oversized shirt as well as a sporty short ensemble. The collection also features must-have denims with Oswald and his sweetheart, Ortensia in a picture sure to melt your heart.

Additionally, for men, the Givenchy and Disney capsule collection features a red varsity jacket along with a blue button-down shirt that sees Oswald framed in bandana-style motifs. The collection also includes statement denims that show the character at his feistiest, scrappiest mode for good measure.

Naturally, the whole collection and animated short complement each other very well and you would not want to miss either. The collection also features a wide range of good-humored, collectible accessories ranging from Disney x Givenchy tennis shoes, totes, and small cross-body bags to card carriers, phone cases, earbud cases, and caps.Disney

Visit the Official Givenchy Website to find out more.


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