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Geely Radar Is An All Electric Outdoor Lifestyle Brand


Geely Radar Is An All Electric Outdoor Lifestyle Brand

Radar RD6

Radar RD6 is the first of many electric lifestyle vehicles.

Looks like Zhejiang Geely Holding Group is bringing the game right up to Ford’s and Rivian’s doorstep as they have just launched China’s very first all electric outdoor lifestyle vehicle brand, Radar Auto, and with it, unveiled the brand’s very first vehicle, the pure electric pickup truck, the Radar RD6.

Radar RD6Radar Radar Auto is an all electric brand within the Geely Group which guarantees the Radar brand significant access to Geely’s technology and components. Radar Auto aims to create an ecosystem and portfolio of lifestyle products including pickup trucks, SUVs and ATVs and all Radar Auto products will utilize Geely Holding’s pure electric Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA).

Radar RD6

Radar Auto is a capable brand with it’s own R&D Facility in Hangzhou and boasts a fully functional EV Production Facility in Zibo, Shandong. This facility will oversee production and deliveries of the Radar RD6 in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Radar RD6

Despite Radar starting off with a pickup truck, they assure us that the brand is more than just trucks. Radar was created with a new generation of customers in mind, a group of customers whose vehicles need to be as sustainable as their adventures.

Radar RD6

Geely has appointed Dr. Lin Shi Quan, a veteran engineering lead at Geely Auto Group, who was responsible for many career defining projects for Geely, to be the CEO of Radar Auto.

“Understanding this new market segment and creating a new brand specifically for these unique users has been the highlight of my career so far. Radar Auto will be purpose driven from the outset and that purpose is to allow users to explore the world in a more sustainable way,” said Dr. Lin.

To add to the lifestyle appeal of Radar Auto, Geely enlisted the help of automotive design expert, Peter Horbury.

Being based on Geely’s SEA platform, the RD6 will have substantial technological underpinnings featuring single and dual motor options and allow for greatly maximized space, this includes a front trunk under the hood and charging facilities in the truck bed.

Peter also stated “The radar product portfolio is focused on electric pickup trucks and SUVs, this direction challenges us to mix functionality and usability with aesthetic form.

Our aim is to let Radar users expand their horizons and explore nature in a sustainable way.”

Radar aims to connect more closely with it’s users via their lifestyle sub-brand, Radar Weekends which focuses on outdoor lifestyles and creates a diverse outdoor ecosystem.

Radar will also work with NatureHike, a camping equipment brand to develop camping accessories for the brand’s vehicles and has partnered with National Geographic China for a program which protects nature’s wonders and promotes the concept of not leaving any trace behind when adventuring outdoors.

Radar believes that now in the post pandemic era, new generation of customer is discovering joy in the outdoor lifestyle of camping, hiking and adventuring and Radar wants to encourage and assist in that adventure.


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