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Australia Hotspots Revitalised By Furiosa And The Fall Guy

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Australia Hotspots Revitalised By Furiosa And The Fall Guy


As seen on screen, the blockbusters are showing some of the best sights in Australia

In 2024, Australia is emerging as a top destination for film-inspired travel, with nearly 30 percent of travelers increasingly influenced by screen productions when choosing their holiday destinations, according to Expedia. Known as ‘set-jetting,’ this trend has drawn movie enthusiasts Down Under to explore iconic locations featured in their favorite blockbusters.Australia

The Newest Films 

Australia’s CEO of Ausfilm, Kate Marks, highlights 2024 as a pivotal year for Australian cinema, showcasing the country’s breathtaking landscapes and landmarks on the global stage. From Sydney’s urban backdrop in films like The Fall Guy, Anyone But You, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire and Furiosa, Australia is captivating audiences worldwide.

Filmed against the stunning backdrop of Sydney, several productions have integrated the cityscape into their narrative, turning iconic landmarks like the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge into integral elements of the storytelling. For instance, Ryan Gosling’s involvement in a daring boat scene required real-life stunts.Australia

A Prime Backdrop

The Mad Max franchise, renowned for its exploration of Australia’s outback, continues with Furiosa, the largest production ever filmed in New South Wales. This standalone adventure delves into the origin story of the formidable character Furiosa, blending action and spectacle against the backdrop of rural New South Wales.

For enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves further in the cinematic experience, these locations offer unique opportunities to explore the landscapes and cultures that have become synonymous with blockbuster filmmaking. Additionally, the inclusion of organic instruments like the Indigenous Australian Didgeridoo in Furiosa’s score adds a distinctive cultural touch to the film’s soundtrack.Fall Guy

Appreciating Australia

Australia’s prominence in global cinema in 2024 not only celebrates its natural beauty but also invites travelers to embark on their own cinematic adventures, exploring the landscapes and stories that have captivated audiences worldwide.


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