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FUJI Whisky Makes Its Official Southeast Asia Debut In Singapore

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FUJI Whisky Makes Its Official Southeast Asia Debut In Singapore


FUJI releases in partnership with official distributor, Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits

Kirin first debuted its flagship whisky brand, FUJI, three years ago. Since then it has been making the rounds and captivating taste buds in its first three official export markets, namely, France, the United States of America and Australia. Now the brand is set to appear in its fourth official export market, Singapore.


A History OF Originality

Dating back to 1972, the Mt. FUJI Distillery was established by Kirin-Seagram Limited. Its aim was developing the ideal whisky that caters to the Japanese palate, one which is synonymous for its pursuit of truest, unadulterated flavours. The distillery began operations in 1973.

The Appeal Of Japanese Methods

Known for its perfected Japanese methodologies and use of natural resources surrounding its distillery, Kirin’s flagship whisky takes you on a journey through the senses in four distinct whiskies, two core and limited-edition whiskies specifically made just for Singapore.

FUJI WhiskyAsian Flavours, Asian Taste

The whisky brand will be launched in sole partnership with Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits, which is a specialised importer and distributor that champions independent Asian and European labels. This means that now, whisky aficionados can even have these whiskies delivered to their doors.

New Arrival, Unique Flavours

The debut of the FUJI brand comes with two core products, which are the Kirin Single Grain Whiskey FUJI and Kirin Single Blended Japanese Whisky. These are released alongside two Limited-Editions, namely, Kirin Single Grain Whiskey FUJI 30 Years Old and Kirin Single Blended Japanese Whisky FUJI 2022 Masterpiece.



Over the past five decades, Kirin’s Mt. FUJI Distillery has earned its reputation as a rare distillery for in-house productions of both malt and grain whiskies. Priding themselves on achieving the perfect harmony, every component crucial in whisky making is done in-house and evaluated through human sensation.

Bottoms Up

Whether you like it neat, on the rocks or mixed, you can now enjoy your whisky with a new Japanese twist with FUJI. With the heritage and pedigree to satisfy even the most experienced whisky drinkers, you really can’t go wrong with a bottle from Kirin, so go ahead and get yourself a bottle now before they run out.Whisky

Check out the Official Asiaeuro Wines & Spirits Website for details.


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