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Franck Muller Presents The Curvex CX Lady In Multiple Colours

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Franck Muller Presents The Curvex CX Lady In Multiple Colours

Curvex CX Lady

The Franck Muller Curvex CX Lady is the curved wristwatch for the ladies

With its perfectly curved case and unique contours, the Cintree Curvex has been Franck Muller’s most distinctive silhouette since 1992. The unique numeral design has also made the Cintree Curvex one of the most immediately recognisable watch cases and dials.Curvex CX Lady

Style Redesigned

Having first debuted the Curvex CX in 2021, the collection now expands to include two new sizes of 30 and 33mm, specially designed for ladies who appreciate an exquisite attention to detail. With a design which fully accentuates the timeless curves of the Cintree Curvex, the immediately recognisable Curvex CX Lady takes the brand’s trademark contours to the next level.

Moreover, the bezel which is separate from the case, allows for beautiful two-tone treatments. The “invisible” bezel also affords increased visibility to the dial by limiting the amount of material used on the sides, a technically challenging feat which injects new life into the classic case shape.Curvex CX Lady

A Unique Strap

With straps directly integrated into the case, the Cintree Curvex CX Lady offers enhanced comfort on the wrist. A redesigned case where the sapphire crystal extends all the way to the bracelet gives much greater visibility to the dial also gives an impression of movement on the dial.

Tiny three-dimensional pyramids on the dial also reflect light off different facets, producing a mesmerising effect as they increase in size from the middle of the dial to the outer edges in perfect proportions. Extensive research and development were involved in calculating precisely the perfect pattern of the new Clous de Paris spiral.Curvex CX Lady

Classic Look, Modern Allure

On top of that, the new Curvex CX Lady collection offers a classic and elegant finish with a thinner bezel under the sapphire crystal, highlighting the complexity of the dial. Boasting a self-winding mechanical movement and a 42-hour power reserve, the wristwatch is perfectly suited to the modern woman whose tastes naturally tend towards simplicity, sophistication and an understated cool.

With a new range of colours, including pastel shades and classic black and white, with matching alligator leather straps, there is a Curvex CX Lady for everyone. It also includes a vibrant trademark Color Dreams variation, with multi-coloured signature Franck Muller numerals.

More information can be found on the Official Franck Muller Website.


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