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Francesco Vezzoli Introduces A New Chapter For Venice International Foundation 

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Francesco Vezzoli Introduces A New Chapter For Venice International Foundation 

Francesco Vezzoli

The heritage of Venice’s Museo Correr is expanded by Francesco Vezzoli 

From 17 April to 24 November 2024, the Fondazione Civici Musei di Venezia and the Venice International Foundation will present “Musei delle Lacrime” (Museums of Tears), a site-specific exhibition designed by acclaimed artist Francesco Vezzoli. Set within the iconic painting gallery of Museo Correr, this exhibition promises to be a cultural highlight, curated by Donatien Grau.Francesco Vezzoli

Where To Witness The Magic

Situated in the heart of Venice, “Musei delle Lacrime” marks a significant return for Vezzoli, who revisits the fundamental themes of his artistic exploration. His work, deeply rooted in the interplay between heritage and contemporary culture, finds a perfect setting in Venice.

Moreover, invited by the Venice International Foundation, Vezzoli engages with the city’s rich cultural history, offering a fresh perspective on Museo Correr’s historical collection through his innovative lens. The exhibition features 36 of Vezzoli’s works, spanning over 20 years of his creative journey. Francesco Vezzoli

Art That Speaks To The Viewer

Among these, 16 pieces have been specially created for this event, reflecting the artist’s ongoing dialogue with the past and present. Each work is a testament to Vezzoli’s ability to blend traditional elements with modern artistic practices, creating a unique narrative that resonates with the viewer.

This collaboration is a milestone for the Venice International Foundation, marking the first time it has partnered with a contemporary artist to reimagine a revered Venetian space. This initiative signifies a new chapter in the Foundation’s mission, which has long been dedicated to preserving and protecting Venice’s artistic heritage. Francesco Vezzoli

Art Heritage 

Luca Bombassei, president of the Venice International Foundation and a renowned architect and collector, spearheads this visionary project. Under his leadership, the Foundation continues to champion the fusion of tradition and innovation, ensuring that Venice remains a vibrant centre of artistic excellence.Art

“Musei delle Lacrime” is more than an exhibition; it is a celebration of the timeless beauty of Venice, seen through the eyes of a modern artist. This event invites visitors to experience the city’s heritage anew, blending the past with the present in a captivating display of artistic ingenuity.


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