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Fossil And Star Wars Bring You A Force Themed Jewelry Collection

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Fossil And Star Wars Bring You A Force Themed Jewelry Collection

Star Wars

Now your jewelry can be simply Force-tastic with Fossil and Star Wars

Hello there (insert Obi Wan Kenobi voice here). If you, like us, love everything Star Wars, then proudly show off how much the beloved franchise means to you and wear your Star Wars on your body… or something to that effect. Find out if the force is strong with you as Star Wars partners up with watchmaker Fossil to give you a themed jewelry collection.Star Wars

If you love Star Wars then why not show the world by wearing some themed jewelry from Fossil including a necklace, earring studs, and plaques (as well as twists on them) all representing a different character or group from the beloved franchise and all with much deeper meanings to them.

Moreover, Melissa Lowenkron, Chief Brand Officer stated, “we’re thrilled to share this special collection celebrating a story that has made such a cultural impact on generations and that, like Fossil, evokes a feeling of nostalgia for so many. Made for fans by fans—we’re excited for people to discover the intricate details inspired by the film and to collect their favorite pieces from this exceptional collaboration.”Star Wars

Extra Special

Exceptional, this collection is indeed, as you can further wear the Force with the special edition Star Wars x Fossil jewelry collection featuring designs of fan-favorite characters. This includes beloved characters such as Yoda, R2-D2 and C-3PO as well as iconography in semi-3D silhouettes and signature craftsmanship.

The collection includes a gold-tone charm necklace for SGD179 (about RM611), a charm bracelet that costs SGD229 (about RM781)  and a green aventurine earring stud set that will set you back SGD179 (RM610). The hoop earrings, which showcase the Rebellion logo are priced at SGD129 (RM440). Star Wars

More Is Better

On top of that, the capsule also includes two ID plaque necklaces for SGD169 (RM576) inspired by the beloved droids. The silver-tone necklace has an ID plaque with an etched R2-D2 inspired design and second plaque with a brushed finish, while the gold-tone necklace features an etched C-3PO inspired design plaque and second plaque with a hammered effect.Star Wars

So will you show how strong you are with the Force? Then head on over to the Official Fossil Website today.


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