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Faure Le Page Unveils The Snuggle Bunny Collection

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Faure Le Page Unveils The Snuggle Bunny Collection

Faure Le Page

Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with this themed collection

French Marque, Faure Le Page invites you to step inside a dreamland fantasy as it celebrates the Year of the Rabbit with its limited edition Snuggle Bunny Collection. This collection is just what you need if you want to arm yourself with the most stylish, rabbit-themed look for 2023.

The rabbit symbolizes luck and gentleness, and this cuddly, reassuring animal with a mischievous twinkle in its eye invites us to follow it down the rabbit hole into a stylish wonderland created by Faure Le Page. With this collection, the French Marque celebrates the celestial animal in its own indomitable way.

As seen in these images, the Faure Le Page Snuggle Bunny collection features a bunch of stylish items ranging from bags to wallets. Each of course feature the face of a rabbit to truly usher in the Year of the Rabbit in the most fashionable way possible. This allows you to look good and celebrate the new year all at once.Faure Le Page

With this collection, you can show off your Year of the Rabbit style wherever you go. For example, the Faure Le Page Snuggle Bunny tote bag features red scales in the canvas on a mostly black bag. It also has a carrot dangling over its edge and this carrot actually doubles as a scabbard for your keys too. See, it’s both stylish and functional.

If you are not a fan of bags, don’t worry, the Snuggle Bunny collection also features a metal ribbon that you can also pin onto your tote bag or on any bag you want. The ribbon is finished in red and gold grained leather with the red representing prosperity in Chinese Culture.Faure Le Page

Furthermore, if you still want a bag but don’t quite fancy a tote bag, don’t sweat it, because the Faure Le Page Snuggle Bunny collection also features a mini bag and a pouch. Both these items pair well with the metal ribbon but look absolutely amazing even on their own. They both also follow the same color scheme as the tote bag.

Additionally, the Faure Le Page Snuggle Bunny collection also features a card holder, a wallet and a coin pouch with the latter being in the shape of a rabbit head. Naturally the former two items also feature the same color scheme as all the other items in the collection except the pin while the pouch is grey with red splashed in there.

More information can be found on the Official Faure Le Page Website.


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