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Zulal Wellness Resort By Chiva-Som Invites You To Discover The Beauty Of The Night Sky

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Zulal Wellness Resort By Chiva-Som Invites You To Discover The Beauty Of The Night Sky


The night sky is the limit at the Zulal Wellness Resort

Experience the wonders of the universe at Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, the Middle East’s first and largest immersive wellness destination, pioneering Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM). Building on the region’s rich astronomical history and benefiting from low light pollution, Zulal Wellness Resort now offers stargazing as part of its activities program.

A Leader In The Sky

Led by the resort’s night sky specialist, Naim Saad, guests can marvel at the celestial phenomena visible from the Arabian Gulf, including equinoxes, comets, meteor showers, solstices, and celestial bodies like the moon, Jupiter, and Saturn. Zulal

Stargazing offers a unique opportunity to contemplate the vastness of the universe, gain perspective on daily life, and deepen connections with nature. This interactive evening activity is suitable for all ages and provides a meaningful experience to share with loved ones or to enjoy solo, promoting mindfulness and discovery.

Knowledge Is Power

Guided by Zulal Wellness Resort’s experts, guests will enhance their understanding of the night sky, learn about seasonal constellation changes, and discover fascinating facts about celestial bodies. Visitors to the resort’s House of Wisdom can further their exploration with the library’s copy of “Planetarium,” detailing the mesmerising objects of our known universe.

Situated on Qatar’s northernmost tip, far from Doha’s city lights, Zulal Wellness Resort offers an ideal stargazing location with minimal light pollution. You can admire various lunar phases, moon craters, Jupiter, Saturn’s rings, and constellations like Orion’s Belt and the Pleiades. Rare phenomena will also be visible throughout the year.Zulal

The Highlights

Notable events thus far included the Lyrid Meteor Shower on 21 to 22 April 2024, where the sky lit up with meteors from the constellation of Lyra. The Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower, peaking on 5 and 6 May 2024, showcased meteors from Halley’s Comet.

As the first wellness resort to blend TAIM with Chiva-Som’s holistic expertise, Zulal Wellness Resort inspires positive lifestyle changes. Offering two paths to wellness, adults-only Zulal Serenity and family-friendly Zulal Discovery, the resort caters to diverse wellness goals.

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