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Experience the Floral Heritage Of Singapore At Scentopia


Experience the Floral Heritage Of Singapore At Scentopia


This AR perfume making experience is now in Sentosa

With the Christmas holidays winding down there’s one more holiday left to celebrate in the near future and that is the new year. That’s right folks, it has been a tough year but finally we can all (almost) put 2022 behind us. What better way to usher in 2023 by trying something new you’ve never tried before like Scentopia?


Photo by Job Savelsberg/Unsplash

If you are planning to spend your 2023 in Singapore and want to usher in the new year with a new experience, then a relaxing Orchid tour at Scentopia in Sentosa, Singapore is just what you need. This is, after all, the only experiential perfumery destination in this part of the globe.

Moreover, the Scentopia orchid tours are a treat to the body and mind as the experience opens up your olfactory senses in a way no other place can. What’s more, the rich medicinal value of the flora and fauna in the Sentosa Islands are proving to draw in many tourists who visit the beautiful island nation of Singapore.

Prachi Saini Garg, Managing Director of Scentopia said, “We are very delighted to invite tourists to come and experience the Orchid tours at Scentopia. This is a very unique attempt in experiential marketing of any tourist destination in the world.”


Photo by Christin Hume/Unsplash

She added, “Visitors are taken around, and allowed to experience the intangible and tangible benefits of Sentosa’s unique floral history and heritage, while at the same time allowing the senses to gain the rich healing and medicinal benefits of the flora”

Furthermore, Scentopia aims to build an overall experience for you while at Scentopia, with the aim being to educate guests in the exploration of plants that have played a key role in the rich culture of Singapore along with the local rituals, food, and celebrations that make the country the tourist hot spot it is today.

“We have also documented the unique benefit of the rich variety of the flora, so that visitors don’t just experience the place, but also get to know the benefits of each kind of flora, to the body and mind. Over time, a whole lot of people have felt this great experience, and have testified to the ‘feel good’ experience of the Scentopia orchid tours.” Prachi concluded.Scentopia

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