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Experience A Fun And Transformative Family Wellness Holiday At The Farm

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Experience A Fun And Transformative Family Wellness Holiday At The Farm

The Farm

The Farm is a multi-awarded eco-luxury holistic medical wellness resort

Looking for a healthy vacation in a fun environment for the whole family? Look no further than The Farm at San Benito, a multi-awarded eco-luxury holistic medical wellness resort located in Lipa, Batangas, just a 90-minute drive from Manila.

At The Farm, guests can enjoy evidence-based, holistic healing, and transformative retreats that address and even treat chronic lifestyle illnesses. The resort pride itself from inspiring learn healthier lifestyle habits, and guests can even bring their pets along so no family member is left behind.

A Holistic Experience

The Farm offers access to a Holistic Medical Sanctuary which houses internationally-trained integrative medical doctors and licensed health professionals. Here, guests can obtain a range of treatments for adults, teens, and kids, from Cellular Health Screening, Nutritional & Fitness Assessment, Art Therapy, and much more.

Just Keep Swimming!

After a long day of wellness activities, guests can retreat to one of The Farm’s luxury pool villas, complete with breathtaking views of the surrounding jungle and majestic mountains. The 281-sqm. Mahogany Luxury Residences is a 2-storey villa that can accommodate up to 7 guests, perfect for a family swimming session.

The Farm Pool Villas

Forget Digital, Let’s Go Natural

Ditch the smartphone and tablet and keep your kids entertained with the many activities at the resort. The curated list of activitiesd includes nature walks, creative Mandala Flower Meditation, kid’s yoga, kite flying, organic farm tour and vegetable picking, pet feeding, arts & crafts, and other recreational fun activities. All of this is designedc to keep guests away from gadgets so they can enjoy nature at its finest.

Kids Wellness Menu 

Savour award-winning vegan cuisine at The Farm’s ALIVE! Vegan Restaurant.  The menu here consists of all-natural ingredients grown and hand-picked from the resort’s organic garden and prepared by highly-skilled and innovative chefs. The kids’ menu includes fresh potato fries, vegan chocolate chip cookies, banana pancakes, vegan nuggets, plant-based burger, cauliflower pizza, hash browns and more.

A True Wellness Retreat

Treat your family to a transformative wellness holiday at The Farm where luxury, wellness, and nature meet. Don’t miss out on the ultimate eco-luxury and holistic wellness experience for your next holiday with your family. After all, what could be better than enjoying a holiday while being healthy.


Book your stay at The Farm at the Official The Farm Website.


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