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Escape The Ordinary And Add These Destinations To Your Travel Bucket List

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Escape The Ordinary And Add These Destinations To Your Travel Bucket List


Try these three unassuming destinations for an experience you won’t ever forget

Classic, overdone destinations are out, and “off-the-beaten-track” travel is in. Local and regional travellers are ditching traditional hot spots in favour of more meaningful interactions with culture, food, and people so to help you figure out your next unforgettable holiday, here are some destinations you can add to your bucket list.Destinations


A little-known US island territory in Micronesia, Guam is the first place where the sun rises on US soil. As a hub of rich history and warm island culture, Guam is an ideal getaway with non-stop flights from many major cities in Asia Pacific. It’s also a great travel hack for travellers to the US, as flights from Guam into the United States are considered a domestic trip.


Moreover, for tropical paradise aficionados, Saipan is a stunning Micronesian island in the western Pacific that boasts crystal clear waters with brightly coloured corals and marine animals, extraordinary white sand beaches, world-class golf courses, as well as jungles, lagoons, caves and mountains. Saipan is a must-visit destination for outdoors enthusiasts who love to dive, snorkel, and hike, or those looking to relax alongside breath-taking views.  Destinations

Sepang, Malaysia 

While the first two locations were overseas spots, this last one is a special destination right here in Malaysia for travellers who want to enjoy a “backyard camping trip” type holiday. Located just a stone’s throw away from Kuala Lumpur, Sepang offers a captivating blend of modernity, cultural heritage, beachside bliss, and motorsports.

On top of that, home to the renowned Sepang International Circuit, it is a motorsport enthusiast’s dream destination, hosting thrilling events such as the Formula One Grand Prix and Motorcycle Grand Prix. Sepang is not just about high-octane races though, it also invites you to explore palm oil plantations and unwind by its beautiful beaches.  Destinations

The Holiday Inn Sepang could be your next stay and the airport is strategically located just 15 minutes away from the KLIA by car, and nearby popular tourist destinations including Mitsui Outlet Park and the Sepang International Circuit. It is perfect for explorers seeking to discover a different side of Malaysia. The hotel welcomes guests to its daytime lounge which transforms into a cocktail bar at night, as well as its gym and on-property restaurant The Garden Cafe.  Destinations

More information can be found on the Official IHG Resorts Website.


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