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Enjoy Culinary Sensation Week At The Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

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Enjoy Culinary Sensation Week At The Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

Culinary Sensation Week

Experience a week-long gastronomic brilliance in Vietnam

From 27 February to 33 March 2023, The Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is inviting food enthusiasts to join in the inaugural Culinary Sensation Week. The food fest serves as the resort’s first gourmet week, bringing together a selection of the world’s finest chefs from Germany, Turkey, Australia, and Vietnam.

The week-long food paradise promises to elevate gastronomy experience for guests as it celebrates the vibrancy of food and beverage with a sustainable twist. Culinary Sensation Week serves as a cross-cultural culinary journey for diners to taste diverse menus with a balanced combination of local spices and fresh ingredients.

Chef Patron Truong Quang Dung

Moreover, during Culinary Sensation Week, guests will be able to enjoy tantalising menus created by Michelin-starred Chef Julia Komp from Cologne, Chef Patron Truong Quang Dung from Hanoi, and others.

Culinary Sensation Week will kick off with a special Opening Ceremony on Monday, 27 February 2023, to welcome and introduce each chef. The following day, the series will make its first stop at Dining by the Pool Restaurant, where Chefs Julia, Quang Dung, and Chef Yusuf Kizilirmak will collaborate to share their unique takes on sustainable cuisine.

This delectable collaboration will take place over a six-course, six-hand dinner. The remainder of the week puts the spotlight on each chef where guests will experience a unique culinary offering every day. Clearly, there is something for everyone here at Culinary Sensation Week.

Chef Yusuf Kızılırmak

Now, lets briefly get to know the chefs for Culinary Sensation Week, starting with Chef Julia Komp, who is Germany’s youngest female Michelin-starred chef at the age 27. She says, “Food has to be fruity, hearty, and real. I observed that food makes people happy, and I wanted to cook to see that smile on people’s face.”

Chef Truong Quang Dung is the owner of Chapter Dining and Grill in Vietnam’s Capital, Hanoi, known as the first charcoal grill fine-dining concept in Vietnam. He stated, “On my visit to Six Senses Ninh Van Bay this time around, I’m planning to delight all senses with the most primitive ingredients and cooking methods.”

Chef Yusuf Kızılırmak, from Istanbul on the other hand, oversees three world-famous restaurants and he says “During this week- long journey at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, I want to draw out the best of Turkish gastronomy in the fine-dining concept from a wellness perspective.”

Lastly, Chef Goddard Timothy James, affectionately known as Chef Tim, has continually been bringing his passion for creating fine-dining plant- based dishes from seasonal and local ingredients. “It is so exciting to join other talented chefs from around the world sharing the same passion for sustainable cuisines”, he shares.

Chef Julia Komp

Visit the Official Culinary Sensation Week Website now to find out more about this gastronomy event.

(Images: Six Senses Ninh Van Bay)


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